Mr Men



Mr MenMusic: In the colourful animated sketch show, there's predictably little serenity after the arrival of Mr Noisy's drum kit, but Mr Strong's tuba playing comes as a surprise. (S1 Ep 30)[S]Fri, Mar 2, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenColourful animated sketch show. Mr Quiet trims his topiary. Mr Rude rakes leaves with a chipper Little Miss Chatterbox. Little Miss Naughty cares for Mr Nervous' lawn. (S1 Ep 13)[S]Wed, Feb 28, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenColourful animated sketch show. Mr Bump finds himself in a bind at the bookmaking factory; while Mr Rude practises his manners at Little Miss Chatterbox's house. (S1 Ep 10)[S]Fri, Feb 23, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenTrains: Animation. While an out-of-control train takes Mr Nervous's imagination away, Mr Grumpy is irritated by his travel companion. (S1 Ep 8)[S]Wed, Feb 21, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenSleep: Mr Nosey and Mr Small find a warehouse stocking mattresses, while Miss Scary can't stop snoring and Mr Rude has a tendency to talk in his sleep. (S1 Ep 5)[S]Fri, Feb 16, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenHeatwave: Colourful animated sketch show. Little Miss Calamity is blown away by her ceiling fan, and Mr Pernickety's trip to the beach ends up in a major row. (S1 Ep 3)[S]Wed, Feb 14, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins
Mr MenRainy Day: Colourful animated sketch show. A leaky roof gets the better of Mr Pernickety and his woollen sofa. Elsewhere, Mr Nervous gets a soaking while daydreaming. (S1 Ep 2)[S]Tue, Feb 13, 10:25 AM5STAR15 mins