The 1900 Island



The 1900 IslandThe outside world comes calling and as one family leaves the island early, the others start to realise their days on the 1900 island are numbered. Its a fond if tearful farewell. [S,AD]Thu, Jun 13, 7:00 PMBBC TWO60 mins
The 1900 IslandAs the weather picks up, the men head out to sea for an extended fishing trip leaving their wives and children home alone, waiting and hoping for their return. [S]Wed, Jun 12, 7:00 PMBBC TWO60 mins
The 1900 IslandThe fragile sense of community starts to fray as rivalries and hunger take their toll on the adults. A newcomer joins the village as he jumps ship. [S,AD]Tue, Jun 11, 7:00 PMBBC TWO60 mins
The 1900 IslandFour families must adapt to life on an island, but hunger and frustration is high. The community needs to come together if they are to survive life as a 1900 fishing community. [S,AD]Mon, Jun 10, 7:00 PMBBC TWO60 mins