Fleabag5/6. Sitcom. On the anniversary of her mother's death, Fleabag and Claire return to their family home for the annual memorial lunch. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Sep 18, 10:00 PMBBC TWO25 mins
Fleabag4/6. Sitcom. Fleabag and her sister visit a female-only silent retreat, courtesy of their father. Their enforced silence is interrupted by an unusual neighbouring weekend workshop. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Sep 11, 10:00 PMBBC TWO30 mins
Fleabag3/6. Sitcom. Fleabag helps her inappropriate brother-in-law buy a present for Claire, who is organising her own surprise birthday party. Fleabag reconnects with a toothy friend. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Sep 4, 10:00 PMBBC TWO30 mins
Fleabag2/6. Sitcom. Fleabag attempts to rekindle romantic fires to distract her from the mayhem of her life. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Aug 28, 10:00 PMBBC TWO30 mins
Fleabag1/6. Comedy. Angry, pervy, outrageous and hilarious, Fleabag arrives with a bang, as she spins through the city grasping at anyone and anything that might keep her head above water. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Aug 21, 10:00 PMBBC TWO30 mins