Danger Mouse


When is Danger Mouse on?

Danger MouseBig Head Awakens. Animated series. DM must save his reputation and the world when Squawkencluck's artificially intelligent defence supercomputer goes insane. [S,AD]Tue, Apr 7, 2:55 PMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe World Wide Spider. Animated series. Danger Mouse has to face his only fear when Penfold accidentally awakens a gigantic spider. [S,AD]Wed, Apr 8, 3:10 PMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseThe Other Day the Earth Stood Still. Animated series. Only Danger Mouse can save the world from chaos when the Baron stops the world spinning with a plague of traffic lights. [S,AD]Thu, Apr 9, 3:10 PMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseWelcome to Danger World! Animated series. Danger Mouse must fight his own urge to be awesome to stop the world turning into a gigantic intergalactic tourist attraction. [S,AD]Fri, Apr 10, 2:55 PMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseErnest Penfold and the Half-Price Wand. Animated series. Envious at Danger Mouse's ever-growing medal collection, Penfold falls under the spell of Quark's latest money-making scheme. [S,AD]Sat, Apr 11, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseSquawkenbard Kingcluck Brunel. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold accompany Professor Squawkencluck to a science convention, and Squawk swaps bodies with King Kong Brunel. [S,AD]Sun, Apr 12, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins


Danger MousePink Dawn. Animated series. Supervillain the Princess is determined to pinkify the world. Only Danger Mouse dressed as a little girl can save us. [S,AD]Mon, Apr 6, 2:55 PMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseColonel Danger Mouse. Animated series. When Colonel K disappears on a free holiday, Danger Mouse pulls rank and assumes the mantle of caretaker colonel. [S]Sun, Apr 5, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Admirable Penfold. Animated series. The Baron and Penfold are stranded on a desert island. In the skies above, there is a race to snatch Brunel's All Encompassing Remote Control. [S,AD]Sat, Apr 4, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MousePlanet of the Toilets. Animated series. When the toilets of the world rise up in revo-loo-tion, DM and Penfold take to the sewers of Tokyo to battle the evil Dr Loocifer. [S,AD]Fri, Apr 3, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseGreenfinger. Animated series. Danger Mouse's attempts at gardening lead to a gigantic Welsh space plant taking over the world and an attack of intergalactic bees. [S]Thu, Apr 2, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseDanger at C Level. Animated series. Danger Mouse is forced to choose between dedication to duty and friendship when he battles the Baron in his underwater base. [S,AD]Wed, Apr 1, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe World Is Full of Stuff. Penfold disappears when stuff all over the world goes missing. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 31, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseLost in Exaggeration. Danger Mouse's popularity skyrockets to dizzying heights when Quark unleashes his Exaggerator Device. [S,AD]Mon, Mar 30, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseMouse Rise. Animated series. Second of two parts. A mysterious super-villain releases all the villains from Arkwright and plots the end of Danger Mouse. [S,AD]Sat, Mar 28, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Supies. The danger agents are dressed up and ready for The Supies awards show. They're all up for nomination but Danger Mouse is winning a suspicious amount of prizes... [S,AD]Fri, Mar 27, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseDuplicate Mouse. Danger Mouse teams up with duplicate team of Danger Agents to stop Big Head causing havoc. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 26, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Last Giraffe Warrior. As the Giraffe Warriors champion Penfold is asked to defend an alien planet from invasion. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 25, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseSharp As A Pin. An accidental sidekick swap leaves Danger Mouse with Pinfold, Penfold's cousin. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 24, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseJam Session. A jam monster springs to life in Danger HQ when Squawk's experiment goes awry. But with DM and Squawk busy competing for Penfold's favour no one has noticed! [S,AD]Mon, Mar 23, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseMousefall. Animated series. Part one of two. Danger Mouse faces his toughest challenge ever as a super-villain releases all the villains from Arkwright and plots the end of our hero. [S,AD]Sun, Mar 22, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseHigh School Inedible. Animated series. DM and Penfold go back to school to thwart the plans of an evil food scientist and his killer hot dogs. [S,AD]Sat, Mar 21, 7:15 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseCrouching Hamster, Hidden Wagon. Penfold is summoned by his Granny to help retrieve the stolen book of Farm Fu. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 19, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseWe Aren't Family. The Danger agents disguise themselves as a family to find out why the world's villains are all heading to one holiday camp. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 18, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseMelted. Danger Mouse reluctantly takes a role in Pink Dawn's icy musical remake for a double-length all-singing special. [S,AD]Tue, Mar 17, 7:15 AMCBBC25 mins
Danger MouseA Fear to Remember. Animated series. Danger Mouse faces the Queen of Weevils in a fearful Halloween special. [S,AD]Mon, Mar 16, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThanks a Minion! Animated series. Penfold's chances of winning a Sidekickie award are in peril when Stiletto tries to snatch the prize. Greenback plots to destroy the world. [S,AD]Sun, Mar 15, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseAgent 58. Animated series. A new shape-shifting agent tests DM and Penfold's partnership to the limit at the criminal world's annual convention. [S,AD]Sat, Mar 14, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseBot Battles. Animated series. Penfold enters his homemade robot into a competition full of carnage. DM is convinced he can do better, but Megahurtz is intent on destruction. [S,AD]Thu, Mar 12, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseNo More Mr Ice Guy. Animated series. The Snowman is hired as Danger Mouse's new sidekick, leaving Penfold without a job. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 11, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseForce of Nature. Animated series. Danger Mouse's over-reliance on gadgets prompts Colonel K to send his top agent on a tech-free nature retreat. [S]Tue, Mar 10, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseLicence to Care. Animated series. Danger Mouse gets sprayed with empathy gas after forgetting Penfold's birthday. The newly empathetic DM is a changed mouse. [S]Mon, Mar 9, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Duckula Show. Animated series. Duckula kidnaps the writers and Danger Mouse faces being written out of his own show. DM calls on the help of the sound department. [S]Sun, Mar 8, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseDaylight Savings Crime. Animated series. Danger Mouse enlists the help of the night shift to stop a mysterious figure stealing the daylight. [S]Thu, Mar 5, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseA Fistful of Penfolds. Animated series. The danger agents visit Squawk's super-secret Wild West testing facility, home to a society of Penbots. [S,AD]Wed, Mar 4, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseFor Your Insides Only. Animated series. Penfold takes a trip inside Danger Mouse's body to save him from a deadly aversion to his own heroism. [S]Tue, Mar 3, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseHen-emy of the State. Animated series. Danger Mouse is left gadget-less when an unappreciated Squawk leaves the Danger Agency to work for tech genius Elon Muskrat. [S]Mon, Mar 2, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Confidence Trick. Animated series. The Baron steals DM's confidence and gives it to his shy daughter, Delilah Von Greenback, creating a dangerous criminal mastermind! [S]Sat, Feb 29, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseTwysted Sister. Animated series. When a teenage Squawk goes on the rampage, DM summons her Twistyverse counterpart to talk some sense into her. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 26, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseDream Worrier. Animated series. Danger Mouse must battle Quark again, but this time in the weirdest and most dangerous of places: Penfold's dreams! [S]Sun, Feb 23, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseAll 5it. Animated series. Danger Mouse goes undercover as the fifth member of Quark's popular boy band, discovering his inner performer and a musical plot to destroy the world. [S,AD]Sat, Feb 22, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseNero Come Home. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Squawk discover the Baron's plans to brainwash the world's pets into becoming his personal army of slaves. [S,AD]Thu, Feb 20, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseCrumfan. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold arrive at the UN to scenes of quarrelling diplomats, caused by a sabotaged translation system. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 19, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseDay of the Derek. Animated series. A geeky ancestor travels back in time to try to stop Danger Mouse destroying the world. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 18, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseDry Hard. Animated series. A late-night scary movie makes Penfold extra jittery, forcing Danger Mouse to make his sidekick sit out the latest mission. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 17, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Cute Shall Inherit the Earth. Animated series. Cute kittens are infiltrating positions of authority all around the world. Are they the feline equivalent of the illuminati? [S]Sun, Feb 16, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseA Loo to a Kill. Animated series. During filming for Danger Mouse: The Movie! Colonel K and Professor Squawkencluck are zapped and turned into toilets. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 10, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseDanger Is Forever. Animated series. When the Baron speeds up the rotation of Earth using windmills, Danger Mouse and Penfold age 300 years. [S,AD]Sun, Feb 9, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseMasters of the Twystyverse. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold must travel to the Twystyverse to stop Baron Silas von Penfold from taking over both versions of the Earth. [S,AD]Sat, Feb 8, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseQuantum of Rudeness. Animated series. The 'ping' of a microwave causes Danger Mouse to blast a hole in the wall of Squawkencluck's laboratory. [S,AD]Fri, Feb 7, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseBig Trouble in Little Clowntown. Animated series. Professor Squawkencluck's seriousizer is nabbed by Pompom, the fun-and laughter-hating president of the clown planet of Bozoria. [S,AD]Thu, Feb 6, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThanksgiving Sinner. Animated series. Danger Mouse and Penfold get a taste of Thanksgiving when they join Jeopardy Mouse in America. [S,AD]Wed, Feb 5, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseI Believe in Danger Mouse. Animated series. A fanatical cult of cats adopts Danger Mouse as their leader. [S,AD]Tue, Feb 4, 7:25 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseThe Toad Who Would Be King. Animated series. The baron's true love threatens to bring Danger Mouse to his knees. [S,AD]Mon, Feb 3, 7:25 AMCBBC10 mins
Danger MouseSend in the Clones. Animated series. Our dynamic duo take on a shoddy army of knock-offs when alien Quark creates cheap copies of Danger Mouse and Penfold. [S,AD]Sun, Feb 2, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins
Danger MouseHalf the World Is Not Enough. Animated series. When Danger Mouse loses Professor Squawkencluck her job, his clumsy attempts to get her back help the Baron steal half the world. [S,AD]Sat, Feb 1, 7:20 AMCBBC15 mins