Millie Inbetween Special



Millie Inbetween Special3/3. Craig tries to convince Millie that Spain really suits her dad, but Millie has dug herself a pretty deep hole and together they have to race against time to keep her dad's job. [S]Sun, Sep 1, 4:50 PMCBBC30 mins
Millie Inbetween Special2/3. Millie goes to Spain to convince Dad he should come home and Craig insists on going with her to pursue his DJ career. Will Craig and Millie succeed in their mission? [S]Sun, Sep 1, 4:20 PMCBBC30 mins
Millie Inbetween Special1/3. Lauren and Craig return home to celebrate, but when Declan drops a romantic bombshell on Lauren and Dad drops an explosive one on Millie, everyones future is turned upside-down. [S]Sun, Sep 1, 3:55 PMCBBC25 mins