When is Bonanza on?

BonanzaWhen the salt bed is finally exhausted, the last merchant with a supply left seeks to set a high price for his goods. Nobody can guess how high the price will truly get, however.Mon, Sep 25, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaWhen Little Joe brings a seemingly amiable drifter to the Ponderosa, Ben is suspicious of the newcomers intentions. Before long, those suspicions are violently proven correct.Mon, Sep 25, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaLittle Joe offers an out-of-wok miner a job wrangling horses. When the miner is killed, he and Candy try to help his widow but inadvertently end up embroiled in a miner's strike.Tue, Sep 26, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA young Native American who has lived on the Ponderosa since childhood decides to return to the tribe. The decision stirs up some ugly attention from the locals.Wed, Sep 27, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins


BonanzaThe Catwrights hire a bronc buster, who arrives with his wife, a Native American woman. The locals don't take kindly to the woman's arrival, and dark secrets soon emerge.Fri, Sep 22, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cattleman's Association hires a range detective to put an end to a spate of rustling in the area. What they don't realise is that their new man has a shady past of his own...Fri, Sep 22, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaAttorney Cato Troxell threatens a judge who has put away his brother. When the judge turns up dead, Cato is the prime suspect. A strange picture could be his salvation, however.Thu, Sep 21, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaWhen a Virginia City bank is robbed, a posse sets out to apprehend Cully Marco. Cully, just out of prison and the only suspect for the crime, claims he has been set up.Thu, Sep 21, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaHoss gives testimony that sees Frank Scott hanged for the murder of a young woman. When Hoss later sees a man that looks just like Frank, he wonders if the wrong man was punished.Wed, Sep 20, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights become unwitting pawns in a battle between wealthy rancher Gabriel Bingham and his penniless nephew Jayce Fredericks over a valuable horse.Wed, Sep 20, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaBen, Hoss, and Joe head out to the rescue when a band of escaping bandits steal the family steamboat, taking Candy hostage in the process.Tue, Sep 19, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights and Candy come across a town deserted following a vicious Indian attack. The only survivor is a man locked in the jail, and a mysterious woman with a strange story.Tue, Sep 19, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaAfter their parents died, Mark's brother raised him like he was trying to break a horse. Mark never doubted his brother's love, but proving it to others was never easy...Mon, Sep 18, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaJoe, Hoss, and Candy drive a herd into Sand Dust. There, they witness a horrible crime and have to be put under protective custody to prevent the criminals disposing of witnesses.Mon, Sep 18, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaOutlaw Donnie Buckler is shot while fleeing a holdup. Stricken, he is discovered by Little Joe. By the time they get back to the Ponderosa, the rest of Donnie's gang have shown up.Fri, Sep 15, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaCandy is arrested for an outstanding murder charge in Olympus. Hoss investigates, and discovers that someone may have a reason for wanting his son behind bars.Fri, Sep 15, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaGold panning immigrants are run off their claim, and kidnap Joe in order to make ransom money to keep their village alive. Their hearts aren't in it, however.Thu, Sep 14, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe militia troop is reactivated in order to bring a very important Native American prisoner to a nearby fort. The tribal chief is not going to let the man go easily, however.Thu, Sep 14, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaJoe and Hoss are attached by Native Americans, and Joe is hit with an arrow. Luckily, they come across a wagon train where a dying doctor tends to Joe's wounds.Wed, Sep 13, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights fear they may have to fend off a gold-rush when word spreads that an old prospector struck it rich on Ponderosa land.Wed, Sep 13, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA pretty woman arrives by stage and places a $1000 bounty on Joe Cartwright's life. When he finds out the story behind the bounty, Joe tries to convince her of her mistake.Tue, Sep 12, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA gunslinger who believes he's Napoleon leads an army of outlaws and bandits to terrorise the residents of Virginia City.Tue, Sep 12, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaMatt Jeffers is about to lose his ranch. When his foreman finds water on the land, he hatches a scheme to buy the ranch and stick Little Joe with all the blame.Mon, Sep 11, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA marshal's brother is shot by two men who held up the stage depot. Little Joe joins the posse who follows the trail left by those men.Mon, Sep 11, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaWhile riding posse after a band of vicious marauders, Ben Cartwright captures a wounded comanchero and tries to protect him from the other angry ranchers.Fri, Sep 8, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaSuspected as being part of the bank-robbing Hollister gang, Little Joe is held hostage and his friends terrorised by the real desperadoes, who are on the run to Mexico.Fri, Sep 8, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaBen visits his old friend Paul Rowen, the sheriff of Concho. Paul's headaches are getting worse, and may be the sign of something much more dangerous in his past.Thu, Sep 7, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaSpecial Deputy Hoss goes in search of the gunman who shot Little Joe, tangling with testy townsfolk, two crafty brothers and their mother.Wed, Sep 6, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaBig Charlie Monahan makes his son promise to kill Ben Cartwright, after Ben's testimony sends Big Charlie to the gallows for the murder of an old prospector.Wed, Sep 6, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaHoss must do everything he can to protect Old Charlie after a fight with a wanted man leaves Charlie with a sizable bounty on his head.Tue, Sep 5, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaFour sisters come to Virginia City from Boston, hoping to prevent a property left to them by their uncle from being auctioned due to lack of back taxes payments.Tue, Sep 5, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaWhen it's unclear which of their two bullets brought down a wanted horse thief, Little Joe allows his friend Morgan Tanner to take the credit.Mon, Sep 4, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaAging ranch-hand Dan Tolliver falls in with two disgruntled drifters who plan to rob the Ponderosa payroll after being asked to retire by Ben Cartwright.Mon, Sep 4, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA traveling professional wrestler named Tom Callahan is the only person who can prove Dusty Rhoades' innocence when the Ponderosa foreman is falsely jailed.Tue, Aug 15, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA delusional mining tycoon has the Cartwrights and Candy arrested on false trespassing charges, and sentences them to slave labor at a gold mine.Tue, Aug 15, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaDuring a harsh winter that kills off the stock of many ranchers, Ben offers to test a new breed's endurance by herding a cow from the stock on Sawtooth Mountain.Mon, Aug 14, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaBen's friend April is bitten by a rabid wolf during her visit. With no treatment available, the Cartwrights and April's family struggle to watch her condition deteriorate.Mon, Aug 14, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaJamie - who is struggling to adjust to life on the Ponderosa and at his new school - damages Ben's valuable rifle. Refusing to take responsibility, he runs away.Mon, Aug 7, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaHoss is seriously wounded while accompanying the Brennan clan, Virginia natives who are settling out west across Nevada Territory.Mon, Aug 7, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaJamie's friend Carrie Sturgis, herself an orphan, is the subject of a heated custody battle between her scheming aunt and uncle.Fri, Aug 4, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA drifter named Honest John wants to settle at the Ponderosa, but there's a dark side to the man that belies his usually easy character.Fri, Aug 4, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaJoe and Hoss pose as stagecoach robbers in an effort to track down their stolen money. However, they're forced to change their plans when the wife of one of the robbers shows up.Thu, Aug 3, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA reformed outlaw named Pepper Shannon comes to the Ponderosa seeking a job. Ben agrees to hire him, but has to keep both Pepper and an impressionable Jamie away from each other.Thu, Aug 3, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights come to the aid of Mexican farmers in the Prince River vicinity, after they were run off the land by a corrupt tycoon.Wed, Aug 2, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaOld-school Zach Randolph refuses to make amends with his gravely ill daughter, Etta, because her son had been born out of wedlock.Wed, Aug 2, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaAfter Ben is seriously injured in a horse-riding accident far from home, Joe seeks help from valley settlers who are terrified of a corrupt rancher and his foremen.Tue, Aug 1, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaHoss unwittingly volunteers to be the sheriff of a town named Trouble, which puts him in the sights of the Clanton gang.Tue, Aug 1, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaLittle Joe Cartwright becomes the target of corrupt lawman Gideon Yeats after a murder attempt goes awry.Mon, Jul 31, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights join a posse on the hunt for the fugitive Davis, who shot and killed an Army colonel.Mon, Jul 31, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA murder suspect escapes a prison wagon. Sheriff Price Buchanan, who covets an appointment to Deputy U.S. Marshal, hatches a plan to use Hoss as a scapegoat.Fri, Jul 28, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights lend their support to The Weary Willies, a group of Civil War veterans struggling to re-enter society.Fri, Jul 28, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaAn orphaned rainmaker named Jamie Hunter comes to Virginia City, hoping to help relieve the drought-stricken area.Thu, Jul 27, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaA series of destructive fires has Virginia City residents on edge. Deputy Clem's new love interest seems to know a lot more about the fires than she's letting on.Thu, Jul 27, 12:00 PMCBS Action60 mins
BonanzaHoss meets the reclusive Patch while working in a deserted town. After offering him work at the Ponderosa, Hoss learns about the man's troubled past.Wed, Jul 26, 1:00 PMCBS Action60 mins