FlashpointJules and Sam receive some personal news, but don't know whether to share it with the team.Wed, Aug 24, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
FlashpointThe team tries to help a young man with amazing memory who is taken hostage to help get to a weapon with 'smart' bullets.Tue, Aug 23, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointThe team is called in when a car bomb explodes at a kid's birthday party.Sat, Aug 20, 4:10 AMCBS Action110 mins
FlashpointTeam One's efforts to save a kidnapped woman's life are dependent in large part on the abductor's brother, who holds a dark family secret.Fri, Aug 19, 4:10 AMCBS Action110 mins
FlashpointTeam One discovers that they need to take new security measures to protect the system they use to follow crimes.Thu, Aug 18, 4:20 AMCBS Action100 mins
FlashpointTeam One believes they are stopping a robbery in progress, unaware that part of the robbers' plan is to escape from their cruel leader.Wed, Aug 17, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointTeam One is looking for an armed and abusive man who has tracked down his ex-wife demanding to know where their daughter, who is celebrating her 18th birthday, is.Sat, Aug 13, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointA fire captain who feels nothing he does is good enough is given the chance to prove to himself, and to an injured member of his crew, that he can set things right.Fri, Aug 12, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointGreg Parker immediately faces suspension from the team after keeping the relationship between two team members a secret.Thu, Aug 11, 4:20 AMCBS Action100 mins
FlashpointTeam One is called in to try and stop a conflict at a psychiatric hospital where a stabbing has just taken place.Wed, Aug 10, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointWhen Spike answers Sam's sister's desperate plea for help, he is forced, at gunpoint, to help two criminals steal evidence.Tue, Aug 9, 4:25 AMCBS Action95 mins
FlashpointStadium security guard Gil Collins defies Sgt Parker and risks his own life by taking a hostage situation into his own hands.Sat, Aug 6, 4:20 AMCBS Action100 mins
FlashpointTeam One thinks they have a simple case of robbery on their hands, but things get complicated when the victim sabotages the rescue.Tue, Aug 2, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
FlashpointTeam One responds to a 911 call when a masked gunman threatens a group of teens and kidnaps one of them.Sat, Jul 30, 4:25 AMCBS Action95 mins
FlashpointTeam One has an unusual case when a passenger jet is hijacked by a group demanding the release of a prisoner.Fri, Jul 29, 4:20 AMCBS Action100 mins
FlashpointTwo bombs are set off while Sam, Spike and Raff are responding to a Hot Call at an office building.Thu, Jul 28, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointTeam One has one of their busiest days yet, they are busy with three calls and the newest recruit will soon realise that joining the team is not without its challenges.Wed, Jul 27, 4:15 AMCBS Action105 mins
FlashpointTeam One may have a problem on their hands not only with a mother and daughter being held hostage, but also due to the grandmother's Alzheimer's.Sat, Jul 23, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
FlashpointA young whistleblower who has a loyal following online and doesn't realise that by exposing corruption he puts himself and others in a lot of danger.Fri, Jul 22, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins