When is JAG on?

JAGA marine is charged with breaking the rules of engagement when he orders his team into an ambush, resulting in six deaths. Sturgis prosecutes, Harm and Bud defend.Sun, Jun 24, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGThe JAG team takes part in a charity marathon, bringing out the competitive side in many runners. Harm agrees to defend a sailor charged with impersonating an officer.Sun, Jun 24, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGA Chinese MiG collides with an Orion aircraft on a recon mission, and the Orion lands at a Chinese airfield. Harm and RAdm. Boone go to China and reclaim the crew but not the bird.Mon, Jun 25, 3:35 AMCBS Action50 mins
JAGHarm, Boone, and the Orion crew arrive aboard the carrier, as does the rogue pilot, who then faces a court-martial. Harm and Bud defend. Mac passes a test and takes on a case.Mon, Jun 25, 4:25 AMCBS Action95 mins


JAGHarm agrees to defend an old friend against charges of improper fraternisation, but while investigating discovers a serious potential breach of national security.Mon, Jun 18, 4:45 AMCBS Action75 mins
JAGA friend of Harm is murdered by a lone gunman, along with another member of Naval personnel. Bud investigates, and discovers a tangled web of counter-espionage and disinformation.Mon, Jun 18, 3:50 AMCBS Action55 mins
JAGWhen a girl in Indonesia reports that she has been raped by a U.S. Marine, the man is seized by the police and a mob besiege the U.S. Consulate. Mac flies in to defend the man.Sun, Jun 17, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGThe Admiral manages to solve a problem for an unexpected guest. Mac prosecutes in the Indian Ocean case, and Harm shows up to help the investigation.Sun, Jun 17, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGMac postpones the wedding indefinitely. Seeking to get out of town, she takes the job of investigating the disappearance of a marine from a ship in the Indian Ocean.Mon, Jun 11, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGHarm is finally rescued from the story sea under some uncanny circumstances, but his condition has turned critical in the freezing water. Mic decides to return to Oz.Mon, Jun 11, 3:40 AMCBS Action50 mins
JAGHarm and Skates eject from an f-14 in trouble at night over a stormy sea. A rescue helo finds Skates, but Harm remains lost at sea.Sun, Jun 10, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGSarah dreams about the infamous USS Somers incident, an 1842 mutiny aboard a brig of war that led to a series of executions.Sun, Jun 10, 3:50 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGChegwidden holds an engagement party for Mac and Mic, while Harm and Mac engage in some particularly frank discussion. Bud runs into some serious trouble.Mon, Jun 4, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGWhile Representative Latham is riding in an MV-22 Osprey just above sea level, a worrying incident occurs. Latham holds an inquiry while Harm and Mac take part.Sun, Jun 3, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGMac and Mic receive a wedding present from PO Tiner containing a bloody knife. Mac traces the knife to its origin. Harm receives information that could free Krohn.Sun, Jun 3, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGBud's brother Mike gets involved in a bar fight in Mexico, and one of the patrons ends up dead. Harm and Bud must find out how and why.Mon, May 28, 4:45 AMCBS Action75 mins
JAGTerrorists aboard a service boat approach a USN destroyer in a port in the Mideast; a security team stops the boat and finds explosives and a Marine sergeant on board.Mon, May 28, 3:55 AMCBS Action50 mins
JAGMic represents a civilian jailed in a Navy brig; he settles with Harm and Bud. Gunny goes to New Mexico to pick up a Marine who disappeared after service in the Korean War.Sun, May 27, 4:50 AMCBS Action70 mins
JAGA Russian nuclear submarine sinks while submerged with a US nuclear submarine nearby. The Russian government seek to blame the US.Sun, May 27, 4:05 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGHarm and Mac investigate when a sailor falls off an aircraft carrier and dies during night exercises. Suspecting murder, they quickly locate a suspect.Mon, May 21, 5:00 AMCBS Action60 mins
JAGA Marine sergeant major, on trial for attempted murder, invokes a supernatural event; Bud prosecutes, and Harm defends.Mon, May 21, 4:10 AMCBS Action50 mins
JAGA US frigate collides with a Turkish destroyer, in part because of a Greek destroyer escort nearby. The SecNav orders the admiral to prosecute the CO of the US ship.Sun, May 20, 4:40 AMCBS Action80 mins
JAGAdmiral Chegwidden heads the captains selection board this year. SecNav wants a member of his staff promoted. Harm tries to help a former sergeant who faces a long prison term.Sun, May 20, 3:55 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGCdr. Kate Pike briefly passes through JAG HQ, and Bud represents an attractive Marine corporal who wishes to attend Officer Candidate School.Mon, May 14, 4:40 AMCBS Action80 mins
JAGBud, still reeling from a recent family tragedy, makes a fateful decision. Elsewhere, Harriet can't prevent a secret from coming to light.Mon, May 14, 3:55 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGBoone goes on trial for murder of civilians in a village in South Vietnam. Mac and Bud prosecute, and Harm and Loren defend. Webb produces a surprise witness.Sun, May 13, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGBoone goes on trial for murder of civilians in a village in South Vietnam. Mac and Bud prosecute, and Harm and Loren defend. Webb produces a surprise witness.Sun, May 13, 3:50 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGA sailor on overseas duty falls in love with a local girl; smuggles her into the USA and marries her. She turns out to be a princess. Mac represents her in an Islamic tribunal.Mon, May 7, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGA love triangle leads to the death of a teenage girl, and a Naval officer goes on trial for murder. Mac and Bud prosecute, and one of Mac's law professors defends.Mon, May 7, 3:50 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGHarm and Bud investigate a crash of an F-14 while leaving a civilian upgrade facility, and discover worrying irregularities. Mic, now a civilian lawyer, represents the vendor.Sun, May 6, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGA US frigate rescues a 12-year-old Cuban girl clinging to floating debris, causing a great deal of internal and international squabbling. Harm and Bud fly out and lend a hand.Sun, May 6, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGBud's brother PO Mike Roberts lands in hot water when his friendly fire goes too close to a boat hauling 15 marines during a war game exercise.Sun, Apr 29, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGHarm discovers a mistrial when reviewing old convictions, and obtains a new trial for a LCdr. Teresa Coulter's father. Harm and Bud discover a whole new story to the conviction.Sun, Apr 29, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGSEAL officer Lt. Rivers gets involved in a fight with a man who claims to be a former SEAL himself. Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends. The admiral receives an unexpected invitation.Mon, Apr 23, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGThe admiral gets involved when a civilian salvage operator announces his intention to recover and seize the wreckage of a US submarine sunk by the Japanese in 1941.Mon, Apr 23, 3:50 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGMac goes undercover at a Seabee centre to investiigate charges of ritual rape among wiccan worshipers. Harm and Bud join her in the courtroom after the truth comes out.Sun, Apr 22, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGA jumpmaster sends five trainees on a parachute jump too early, causing one of the men to recieve a mortal injury. Mac and Harm prosecute, Bud and Loren defend.Sun, Apr 22, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGA female seaman deserts her post and "quits", arguing that she did not get the training and rating that she was promised by her recruiter. Mac prosecutes, and Harm defends.Mon, Apr 16, 4:25 AMCBS Action95 mins
JAGHarm and Mac fly out to Seoul to investigate renewed accusations of a massacre committed by US troops against South Korean civilians during the Korean War.Mon, Apr 16, 3:40 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGWhen a gunny stumbles into a fight near a gay bar, he ends up hitting a man while defending his friend. He's cleared by court-martial, but also faces civilian prosecution.Sun, Apr 15, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGThe admiral arrives in Sydney unexpectedly, while Mic takes on the role of prosecuting the former petty officer and deserter. Harm defends, and courtroom fireworks ensue.Sun, Apr 15, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGWhile serving out at sea, a jaygee refuses the direct order of his CO. The defendant insists on taking the incident to trial, where Mic prsecutes, and Harm and Bud defend.Mon, Mar 19, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGHarm comes to the defence of a petty officer accused of smuggling a pregnant Albanian woman aboard the aircraft carrier. Later, the CAG nudges Harm back towards the JAG Corps.Mon, Mar 19, 3:40 AMCBS Action55 mins
JAGMac flies out to the aircraft carrier to investigate and prosecute in the case of the killing of the Russians. Mic and Harm decide to help the man accused.Sun, Mar 18, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGMac acts as prosecution and Mic as defence for a Marine who carelessly fires a new weapons system while drunk. Elsewhere Harm's shipmate makes a terrible decision.Sun, Mar 18, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGAs he ponders leaving JAG, Harm picks up the trail of Charlie Lynch, who masquerades as an officer to find Dar-Lin, the twin sister of the girl he killed.Mon, Mar 12, 4:35 AMCBS Action85 mins
JAGThere's lots of lawyers, but no doctor in sight when Harriet goes into labour at the office.Mon, Mar 12, 3:50 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGHarm and Mac investigate why a carrier in the Persian Gulf enforcing the no-fly zone experienced a complete power outage.Sun, Mar 4, 4:30 AMCBS Action90 mins
JAGHarm summons the help of a forensic pathologist while investigating the brutal murder of a child.Sun, Mar 4, 3:45 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGA US submarine experiences a series of mishaps and illnesses. Harm and Mac investigate while at sea, suspecting that someone aboard has induced the problems.Mon, Feb 26, 4:45 AMCBS Action75 mins
JAGAfter a fight between a SEAL team and Appalachian Mountains locals leaves a young boy dead, Harm and Mac must defend the team commander.Mon, Feb 26, 4:00 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGWebb is found dead in the ruins of an explosion the morning after making a cryptic phone call to Harm. At the Admiral's behest, Harm investigates.Sun, Feb 25, 4:40 AMCBS Action80 mins
JAGA SEAL team failed to rescue NATO observers captured by Serbian extremists. The officer in charge now faces charges of involuntary manslaughter.Sun, Feb 25, 3:55 AMCBS Action45 mins
JAGA hospital corpsman goes on trial for the murder of a marine during a field exercise. Mac prosecutes and Harm defends, while Bud takes a position on the jury.Fri, Feb 16, 9:00 AMCBS Action60 mins