ERAfter a school shooting, Kovac and Benton care for the victims. Abby discovers Carter has been illegally injecting pain relievers. Greene and Weaver confront him about his issues. S6 Ep22Tue, Apr 27, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERAfter witnessing the interaction between a dying woman and her family, Hathaway realizes she wants her family together and flies to Seattle to join Ross. S6 Ep21Sat, Apr 24, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWhile treating a 6-year-old patient involved in a minor car accident, Malucci and Cleo discover the girl has been sexually molested recently by her father. S6 Ep20Fri, Apr 23, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERAbby tries to convince the teenage half-sister of a leukaemia patient to get tested to see if she's a bone marrow match. Carter seeks psychiatric help because he can't sleep. S6 Ep19Thu, Apr 22, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERCarter sadly discovers that Lucy got accepted as a resident to the psychiatry programme at County General. Greene lovingly tends to his dying father at home. S6 Ep18Wed, Apr 21, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERChen's patient refuses to reveal to his daughter that she may have inherited a disease from him. Weaver defies Romano's authority and performs a procedure that gets her suspended. S6 Ep17Tue, Apr 20, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERDespite his pain, Carter returns to work and prescribes a controversial procedure for a suicidal patient. Greene tries to convince his father to undergo cancer treatment. S6 Ep16Sat, Apr 17, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERKovac witnesses an accident and saves the young victim's life. Carter slowly recovers from his brutal attack and undergoes excruciating physical therapy. S6 Ep15Fri, Apr 16, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWeaver finds Carter and Lucy almost dead from several stab wounds. The Police close off the crime scene. Benton successfully operates on Carter, but Lucy cannot be saved. S6 Ep14Thu, Apr 15, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERCarter arrives too late to help Lucy with her schizophrenic patient. The patient stabs Carter. Carter falls and sees Lucy lying on the ground soaked in her own blood. S6 Ep13Wed, Apr 14, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERTwo boys brought in after a fight leads Cleo to discover that one of them has been injecting himself with hormones. Hathaway's obstetrics nurse, Abby Lockhart, joins the ER. S6 Ep12Tue, Apr 13, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERLucy's patient finally gets a heart transplant but does not survive. Corday tricked her patient who murdered several women and now he's being transferred to a county jail. S6 Ep11Sat, Apr 10, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERTo get her patient to tell her the location of a missing body, Corday agrees to grant him a fatal wish. Deb Chen returns to County General using her Chinese name, Jing-Mei Chen. S6 Ep10Fri, Apr 9, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERKovac and Haleh take care of Hathaway's twins so she can get some rest. Lucy endeavours to get a heart transplant for a woman and begs Romano to perform the surgery. S6 Ep9Thu, Apr 8, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERComplications arise as Hathaway delivers twins, Tess and Kate. Greene, Hathaway's Lamaze coach, rushes to the hospital to be with her during the delivery. S6 Ep8Wed, Apr 7, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWeaver tries to save the life of a rape victim while Corday struggles with feelings of disdain as she is forced to save the rapist. S6 Ep7Tue, Apr 6, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERJeanie resigns because she wants to stay home and take care of her son. Greene and Weaver use a fake patient to convince Lawrence that he needs help. S6 Ep6Sat, Apr 3, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA prank in a high school science class goes terribly awry, injuring a teacher and several students. Hathaway discovers Meg's drug addiction. S6 Ep5Fri, Apr 2, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERThu, Apr 1, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERRecommendation from Weaver allows Jeanie to have temporary approval as a foster parent for baby Carlos. Corday successfully performs a mastectomy on Elaine. S6 Ep3Wed, Mar 31, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERAfter his mother's funeral, Dr. Greene comforts his father. Romano surprises Corday by appointing her associate chief of surgery. S6 Ep2Tue, Mar 30, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWhen Anspaugh decides to retire as chief of staff and return to surgery, he appoints Romano as his replacement. Greene expresses reservations about the decision. S6 Ep1Sat, Mar 27, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWeaver rescues an abandoned, drugged 2-year-old boy. Romano offers Corday the cardiothoracic fellowship that Benton rejected. Hathaway's ultrasound reveals twins. S5 Ep22Fri, Mar 26, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERHathaway informs Ross about her pregnancy. Just when Romano thinks he's convinced Benton to join his cardiothoracic team, Benton accepts the trauma fellowship. S5 Ep21Thu, Mar 25, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA storm causes a power outage, and the back-up generators fail. A comatose patient from another floor is beaten, sexually assaulted and left at the ER. S5 Ep20Wed, Mar 24, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERRomano forces Benton to choose between two fellowships. Greene and Corday become better friends on the way to a conference. Lucy shows impressive skills during her rotation. S5 Ep19Tue, Mar 23, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERWeaver visits a woman she thinks might be her biological mother. But later realises she cannot be. Hathaway makes an appointment to consult an obstetrician about her pregnancy. S5 Ep18Sat, Mar 20, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERBenton slowly gains the respect of most of the townspeople when he travels to Mississippi to earn extra money as a 'locum tenens' doctor. S5 Ep16Thu, Mar 18, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
EREmergency personnel work to save the lives of children involved in a school bus crash. Mobalage's wife suffers from multiple stab wounds. Ross resigns from the hospital. S5 Ep15Wed, Mar 17, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERRomano suggests Benton enrol in a programme whereby he would substitute for doctors at rural hospitals for high pay. Jeanie and Ross are involved in an accident on an icy road S5 Ep14Tue, Mar 16, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERCorday refuses to testify against Romano after he threatens Benton's career. A harried Anspaugh accepts Romano's offer to serve as acting chief. S5 Ep13Sat, Mar 13, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERRoss jeopardizes a hospital study when he administers an experimental drug to a patient without the hospital's consent. Doyle accuses Romano of sexual harassment. S5 Ep12Fri, Mar 12, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA curious Greene discovers Lee's a fake and that Anspaugh never checked her credentials. Greene ponders becoming an astronaut after a friend recommends him for a mission. S5 Ep11Thu, Mar 11, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERBenton refuses to let Romano operate on a patient when it becomes evident that she is intoxicated. A brain dead patient gives the gift of life to a girl with his rare blood type. S5 Ep10Wed, Mar 10, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERSince today is the hospital's 100th anniversary, new chief Amanda Lee arranges for Carter to escort a woman, Ruth Johnson who was born 100 years ago today, around the hospital. S5 Ep9Tue, Mar 9, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERCarter and Lucy join forces to save the life of a young girl who desperately needs a blood transfusion. They search for her father, who is the perfect match for her rare blood. S5 Ep8Sat, Mar 6, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERFrustrated with her inability to conceive, Hathaway confronts a pregnant woman opting for abortion. Weaver enjoys watching Asnpaugh struggle as interim chief. S5 Ep7Fri, Mar 5, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERAfter the candidate chosen as chief of emergency medicine accepts a job at another facility and Weaver learns the committee is hiring someone else, she resigns as interim chief. S5 Ep6Thu, Mar 4, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERTwo medical students take drugs with alcohol and almost die at a party. An operation reveals that a couple's little girl is genetically male. Weaver gets disappointing news. S5 Ep5Wed, Mar 3, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA wounded gang member tries to leave the ER. Jeanie tells Ross she'd like to be his physician assistant. Weaver interviews for permanent chief of emergency medicine. S5 Ep4Tue, Mar 2, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERDespite Weaver's objections, Ross gets the job as the new paediatric emergency room attending doctor. Greene treats a constipated horse and becomes Rachel's hero. S5 Ep3Sat, Feb 27, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERTo save money, Carter lives in a medical student dormitory as a resident advisor. Corday realizes that the only way she can stay at County General is to start over as an intern. S5 Ep2Fri, Feb 26, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERLucy Knight, a third year medical student, begins her first day in the ER. Placed on probation, Ross must report every procedure he needs to perform to Weaver. S5 Ep1Thu, Feb 25, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA psychiatric resident releases a man with lacerations on his wrist. Later he returns to the ER and his wife and children are found shot. The ER team work to save the family. S4 Ep22Wed, Feb 24, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA televangelist suffering from a kidney ailment wants to broadcast live from the ER to raise money. Romano is annoyed by Benton and Corday's romance. S4 Ep21Tue, Feb 23, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERBenton and Corday continue a secret relationship. Benton attends his son's baptism. Millicent Carter pleads with Carter to give up medicine and help the family, but he refuses. S4 Ep20Sat, Feb 20, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERThe ER treats victims from the bombing of a family planning, prenatal care and abortion clinic. Carter takes care of an elderly patient who he believes is a victim of neglect. S4 Ep19Fri, Feb 19, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERBone marrow tests for Anspaugh come back negative, but Del Amico matches an out-of-state patient. Cater performs the procedure on her. Jeanie realises that Scott is terminal. S4 Ep18Thu, Feb 18, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERA bone-marrow test reveals that Scott's cancer has returned. Hathaway solicits the staff to get tested as possible bone-marrow transplants. S4 Ep17Wed, Feb 17, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
ERJeanie assists Scott during his final round of chemotherapy. Greene and Cynthia end their relationship, and Romano gives Corday and unjust and unfavourable 6-month review. S4 Ep16Tue, Feb 16, 1:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins