When is JAG on?

JAGHarm and Mac investigate why a carrier in the Persian Gulf enforcing the no-fly zone experienced a complete power outage. S4 Ep18Mon, Jun 27, 1:40 AMCBS Justice60 mins
JAGFollowing his promotion to full lieutenant, Bud's first case is defending his estranged father, a retired Master Chief. S4 Ep19Mon, Jun 27, 2:40 AMCBS Justice55 mins
JAGBud and Harriet discover that Harriet's doctor failed to spot a tumour and was test driving his Porsche when her baby died. S6 Ep9Mon, Jun 27, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm's ex-partner Kate kicks up a storm when she comes back to JAG. Her return is dogged by rumours and jealousy. S6 Ep10Mon, Jun 27, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm discovers a mistrial when reviewing old convictions, and obtains a new trial for a LCdr. Teresa Coulter's father. Harm and Bud discover a whole new story to the conviction. S5 Ep24Tue, Jun 28, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
JAGHarm defends a former drill instructor. Ted desperately tries to impress the Admiral and Mac so he's promoted to Captain. S6 Ep11Tue, Jun 28, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA military war game goes wrong leaving seven dead and two missing. Harm and Mac are there to defend the scapegoat. S6 Ep12Tue, Jun 28, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGBud's brother PO Mike Roberts lands in hot water when his friendly fire goes too close to a boat hauling 15 marines during a war game exercise. S5 Ep25Wed, Jun 29, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
JAGA sergeant claims he has been 'found' by his dead wife. He claims that a dead chaplain guided him. S6 Ep13Wed, Jun 29, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThe team investigate a case of an apparently suicidal seaman who's found dead by rescue teams after going overboard. S6 Ep14Wed, Jun 29, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm goes to Russia to help in reforming Russian military law; however, complications arise. Mac and Bud prosecute a Naval officer for espionage, then she too goes to Moscow. S6 Ep1Thu, Jun 30, 3:00 AMCBS Justice55 mins
JAGMac's sent to listen to a committee that's being held to discuss why women aren't currently allowed to serve on submarines. S6 Ep15Thu, Jun 30, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGGunny must bring a Marine to Washington for a court martial. Harm hits his head, giving him revealing hallucinations. S6 Ep16Thu, Jun 30, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhile still in Chechnya, Harm learns more about his father's life after his escape from Siberia. Mac and Webb follow Harm to Russia, where they again meet both Alexei and Falcon. S6 Ep2Fri, Jul 1, 3:00 AMCBS Justice55 mins
JAGA female marine found on board a terrorist boat was kidnapped by terrorists a month earlier. But did she go willingly? S6 Ep17Fri, Jul 1, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGBud's brother is accused of killing a prostitute's boyfriend in a bar fight, so Bud and their father defend him. S6 Ep18Fri, Jul 1, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm returns to JAG and defends a Lieutenant who disobeyed his captain. S5 Ep4Sat, Jul 2, 9:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGAfter a woman is assaulted she is saved by a marine, but Harm can't work out why he won't testify against her attacker. S5 Ep5Sat, Jul 2, 10:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA hypocritical Mac uses a psychic tip in order to find someone, despite refuting psychic powers in court. S5 Ep6Sat, Jul 2, 11:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA security consultant is tasked with simulating a terrorist attack on a US city but things soon get out of hand. S5 Ep7Sat, Jul 2, 12:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm and Mac investigate some drug smuggling, but are concerned when it appears the Colonel might be involved. S5 Ep8Sat, Jul 2, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins


JAGHarm decides that aviation is not for him and wants to work as a lawyer again. S5 Ep3Sat, Jun 25, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMac and Bud prosecute a naval aviator who shot at an allied convoy. S5 Ep2Sat, Jun 25, 12:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA defendant is accused of being drunk on duty, causing arguments between Mac and Brumby. S5 Ep1Sat, Jun 25, 11:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGRabb goes after Dar-Lin after he gets a concrete lead on Annie's killer. S4 Ep24Sat, Jun 25, 10:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm resigns from his position at JAG, while Harriet goes into labour. S4 Ep23Sat, Jun 25, 9:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGAn admiral accused of massacring civilians is acquitted, but decides that he no longer wishes to serve in the Navy. S6 Ep8Fri, Jun 24, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGAn admiral is nominated to become a Commander, but an informant sends a letter warning he massacred civilians in Vietnam. S6 Ep7Fri, Jun 24, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMac represents an Arab princess at a hearing and an Islamic court. Harriet goes into labour, but can't find her doctor. S6 Ep6Thu, Jun 23, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMac's case is chosen to be the first ever court martial to take place on television and has bad consequences for the trial. S6 Ep5Thu, Jun 23, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA girl with American relatives is found in Cuban waters but the team can't decide where to take her as she has 'wet feet'. S6 Ep3Wed, Jun 22, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm discovers that his newly found half-brother faces the death penalty. Mac is sent to stop an assassination. S6 Ep2Tue, Jun 21, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMac and Bud prosecute a commander accused of selling secrets while Harm goes to Russia to help improve military procedures. S6 Ep1Tue, Jun 21, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen Bud's brother is accused of accidentally killing 15 Marines it proves harder to clear his name than expected. S5 Ep25Mon, Jun 20, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm re-opens a 10-year-old case, angering the victim's daughter and causing interesting new developments to come to light. S5 Ep24Mon, Jun 20, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGAdmiral Chegwidden and Webb team up when Webb's mentor is kidnapped and held at ransom in Italy. S4 Ep22Sat, Jun 18, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhile Mac visits her father on his deathbed, Harm looks into a treatment that could see him return to his aviation career. S4 Ep20Sat, Jun 18, 11:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm goes up against Bud after he is promoted to a full time qualified lawyer. S4 Ep19Sat, Jun 18, 10:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGAdmiral Chegwidden helps a decorated SEAL face his leukaemia. S4 Ep18Sat, Jun 18, 9:00 AMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGLt Rivers stirs up trouble when he hits a Congressional candidate falsely claiming that he is a Navy SEAL. S5 Ep23Fri, Jun 17, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen The Dolphin, a pre-WWII sub is found, Admiral Chegwidden wonders if the attack on Pearl Harbor was pre-empted. S5 Ep22Fri, Jun 17, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA female seaman accuses a Chief Petty Officer of rape, claiming he put a spell on her. S5 Ep21Thu, Jun 16, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA jump master is accused of negligent homicide when some sailors miss the drop zone and land in a lake. S5 Ep20Thu, Jun 16, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm is assigned on a case involving a woman who deserted her post because her recruiter lied about a job. S5 Ep19Wed, Jun 15, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm and Mac go to Korea to investigate war crimes, but their plane is hijacked by terrorists and re-routed. S5 Ep18Wed, Jun 15, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen Gunny winds up in an altercation in a restaurant he goes on trial for participating in a homophobic assault. S5 Ep17Tue, Jun 14, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm defends a Vietnam war deserter for murdering an Australian, and he's pitted against prosecutor Mic Brumby. S5 Ep16Tue, Jun 14, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThe JAG team go to Australia when a man claiming to be a US sailor is convicted of murder. S5 Ep15Mon, Jun 13, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm is trapped onboard a ship whilst investigating a man's death, and the ship is involved in a collision. S5 Ep14Mon, Jun 13, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm represents a Vietnam vet who skips a warrant, but when Harm discovers his real motives he teams up with the fugitive. S1 Ep18Fri, Apr 15, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA Navy SEAL is killed while training, but he is no ordinary trainee: he is also the son of a US Senator... S1 Ep17Fri, Apr 15, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA respected sniper instructor behaves strangely and is arrested, but he escapes and heads for the hills, with Harm on his trail! S1 Ep16Thu, Apr 14, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMeg is shot by her own side while trying to ascertain the identity of a high profile visitor to the US codenamed 'Shepherd'... S1 Ep15Thu, Apr 14, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen a Tomcat pilot ditches in Cuba, Harm and Meg negotiate his release, but do they have all the facts? S1 Ep14Wed, Apr 13, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGRabb is promoted, but a trip to Bosnia to defend a Captain in a court-martial becomes confused when a helicopter is shot down. S1 Ep13Wed, Apr 13, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGA Marine is seriously injured during an exercise, but a drugs haul and gang connections point to more than a pure accident... S1 Ep12Tue, Apr 12, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHave aliens really abducted a little girl near an abandoned air base, or is there a more down to Earth explanation? S1 Ep11Tue, Apr 12, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMeg goes undercover when a female private dies in boot camp, but the case is not as clear cut as first thought... S1 Ep10Mon, Apr 11, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen a soldier strays into Iraq, Harm and Meg must go there to defend him, as well as try and free him using a secret agent. S1 Ep9Mon, Apr 11, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGNavy missiles are being stolen, but that is the least of Harm and Meg's problems when a prison break reveals a major plot. S1 Ep8Fri, Apr 8, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThings get complicated for Harm and Meg when an unarmed 15-year-old boy is shot and killed in Peru. S1 Ep7Fri, Apr 8, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGWhen a talented but maverick pilot fatally crashes, is pilot error to blame, or is someone hiding a systems failure? S1 Ep6Thu, Apr 7, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGNaval officers are being murdered, and Harm feels attracted to one of the main suspects - an ambassador's wife! S1 Ep5Thu, Apr 7, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThings get murky for Rabb and Austin when the son of a general confesses to a friendly fire incident. S1 Ep4Wed, Apr 6, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGRabb and Austin must act as negotiators when a civilian uses a missile to try and blackmail the government. S1 Ep3Wed, Apr 6, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThe investigation continues into the aviator's death. Harm's past as an aviator is a source of friction. S1 Ep2Tue, Apr 5, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGRabb and Pike investigate the disappearance and death of an heroic female naval aviator. S1 Ep1Tue, Apr 5, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMac daydreams about a court-martial that occurred in the 1800s after a mutiny on a naval ship. S6 Ep23Mon, Apr 4, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGMic and Mac celebrate their engagement with a big party. S6 Ep22Mon, Apr 4, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGHarm ignores a call from his ex-girlfriend, but when she is later found dead he refuses to believe it's suicide. S6 Ep21Fri, Apr 1, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
JAGThe Osprey program hangs in the balance, and Harriet looks into an old case. S6 Ep20Fri, Apr 1, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins