When is Bonanza on?

BonanzaBob Cartwright leads a posse that turns into a lynch mob while hunting a man who has threatened to kill him and a local banker.Mon, May 27, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwights and Candy pose for their first photograph, but a killer uses it to evade a murder charge.Mon, May 27, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaAn Army Lieutenant comes to the ranch with a wounded prisoner. When Will gets the town doctor, the prisoner's gang shows up looking for trouble.Tue, May 28, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaThe Cattleman's Association hires Marcus Alley to stop cattle thefts, but Ben Cartwright strongly disapproves of Alley's methods after he shoots two suspected rustlers.Tue, May 28, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaBen Cartwright attemps to prevent a lynch mob from hanging a young Indian wife of his new bronco buster.Tue, May 28, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaA mix-up in his request for mail-order Chinese fireworks brings Hoss instead a mail-order bride whose militant ideas ignite a workers' rebellion.Wed, May 29, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaA woman's greed creates a powder keg situation when she sets a higher price on salt than the ranchers are prepared to pay.Wed, May 29, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaThree outlaws trick Little Joe and Hoss into leaving the Ponderosa on a manhunt as part of a plan to rob Ben Cartwright.Wed, May 29, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaMateo Ybarra travels to the Ponderosa looking for his old friend, Will Cartwright. Hot on his heels are various bounty hunters and rogues from Mexico.Thu, May 30, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaBen Cartwright refuse to help a tycoon corrupt the gubernatorial election and becomes an assassin's target.Thu, May 30, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaLittle Joe and Candy become targets for killers after they prove the claims of striking workers that their mine is unsafe.Thu, May 30, 2:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaThose Cartwright boys are always finding new adventures under the watchful eye of Ben at the Pondarosa.Thu, May 30, 6:00 PMKeep It Country60 mins
BonanzaVirginia City breaks out in civil unrest when opera singer Thomas Bowers arrives for a performance, only to be confused with a runaway slave.Fri, May 31, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaHoss Cartwright's attempt to guarantee an Indian treaty is jeopardised by two die-hard ranchers.Fri, May 31, 1:00 PMCBS Drama60 mins
BonanzaWhen bounty hunter Dev discovers that his latest quarry's wife is pregnant, he uses this against him, even though it puts Little Joe's life at risk.Sat, Jun 1, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins


BonanzaAfter the sheriff breaks up a fight between Hoss and a drifter, Hoss discovers the man is Muley Jones, a distant cousin. A fast friendship is formed.Sat, May 25, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaLaura Dayton is told she'll receive a large sum from her deceased husband's insurance, but it's actually part of a ruse to cheat her out of her money.Thu, May 16, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaHoss befriends an interesting newcomer from New Orleans who claims to be the infamous French pirate and privateer Jean Lafitte.Wed, May 15, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaJoe is mistaken for an army deserter who looks similar to him, and only a career army sergeant can help him avoid the hangman's noose.Tue, May 14, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaBen's marriage to Katherine Saunders is put in jeopardy when his Katherine's son from a previous marriage is accused of murder.Sat, May 11, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaFri, May 10, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights protect dance-hall girl Lila Conrad from the friends of the man she killed in self-defence and from a self-righteous judge intent on saving her soul.Thu, May 9, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaBen competes with an old rival to win the railroad's lumber contract, but he soon questions his fitness to run the Ponderosa after an accident wounds him and kills a ranch hand.Wed, May 8, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaWhen Hoss brings home a strongbox filled with gold, people are understandably suspicious. Hoss, however, claims the box belonged to leprechauns.Tue, May 7, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwright boys set out on a mission of vengeance after believing that their father has been killed by unknown bandits.Sat, May 4, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaJoe falls for a recently widowed woman, and finds himself thrust into a tricky situation when the woman reveals she has yet to tell her daughter about her father's death.Fri, May 3, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaJoe struggles with the complex ideas of what right and wrong mean on the wild frontier after witnessing a mercy killing.Thu, May 2, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaIn the mood for reflection, Ben recalls the trails and tribulations of his long journey into the west with his second wife Inger.Wed, May 1, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaWhen Joe meets and quickly befriends the famous Calamity Jane, he winds up on the receiving end of her boyfriend's wrath.Tue, Apr 30, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaHoss discovers two nuns out in the wilderness, survivors of a vicious raid on a stagecoach. Together, the strange trio set out for safety.Sat, Apr 27, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaWhen a struggling artist faces hatred and persecution for his marriage to a native American, Adam decides to come to the couples' aid.Fri, Apr 26, 2:55 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaA bushwhacked Joe passes out in what seems to be a deserted town, but he wakes to find himself at the centre of a fight between innocent townsfolk and a wild gang of outlaws.Thu, Apr 25, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaA long drought may soon be over after a rainmaker arrives in Virginia City, bringing his sickly, suffering daughter along with him.Wed, Apr 24, 2:50 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaFamous author Charles Dickens visits the Ponderosa, and finds himself embroiled in controversy after antagonising the citizens of Virginia City.Tue, Apr 23, 3:05 AMCBS Justice55 mins
BonanzaA traveling professional wrestler named Tom Callahan is the only person who can prove Dusty Rhoades' innocence when the Ponderosa foreman is falsely jailed.Tue, Feb 12, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA delusional mining tycoon has the Cartwrights and Candy arrested on false trespassing charges, and sentences them to slave labor at a gold mine.Mon, Feb 11, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaDuring a harsh winter that kills off the stock of many ranchers, Ben offers to test a new breed's endurance by herding a cow from the stock on Sawtooth Mountain.Fri, Feb 8, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaBen's friend April is bitten by a rabid wolf during her visit. With no treatment available, the Cartwrights and April's family struggle to watch her condition deteriorate.Thu, Feb 7, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaLittle Joe is blinded by an explosion and wallows in self-pity as he struggles to come to grips with his condition, which may be temporary or permanent.Wed, Feb 6, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA white supremacist named Mr. Ganns plans to disrupt a peace-treaty signing between the people of Virginia City and the Paiutes.Tue, Feb 5, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaWhen an influenza outbreak strikes the Ponderosa, the treatment methods and philosophy of two women from different generations clash.Mon, Feb 4, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaGeneral Ira Cloninger, an old friend of the Cartwrights, is toasted at a ceremony as a hero and asked to run for governor.Fri, Feb 1, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaLeslie and Gillian Harwood come to Nevada from England to take over the operation of a failing ranch near the Ponderosa.Thu, Jan 31, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaBen's lookalike, the scheming Bradley Meredith, causes serious problems when he poses as the Cartwright patriarch and sells area ranchers' land to the railroad.Tue, Jan 29, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaDuring a cattle drive, Ben finds himself involved in a power struggle between the boss the Cartwrights appointed, and a fellow rancher's foreman.Mon, Jan 28, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaJamie - who is struggling to adjust to life on the Ponderosa and at his new school - damages Ben's valuable rifle. Refusing to take responsibility, he runs away.Fri, Jan 25, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaHoss is seriously wounded while accompanying the Brennan clan, Virginia natives who are settling out west across Nevada Territory.Thu, Jan 24, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaJamie's friend Carrie Sturgis, herself an orphan, is the subject of a heated custody battle between her scheming aunt and uncle.Wed, Jan 23, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA drifter named Honest John wants to settle at the Ponderosa, but there's a dark side to the man that belies his usually easy character.Tue, Jan 22, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaJoe and Hoss pose as stagecoach robbers in an effort to track down their stolen money. However, they're forced to change their plans when the wife of one of the robbers shows up.Mon, Jan 21, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA reformed outlaw named Pepper Shannon comes to the Ponderosa seeking a job. Ben agrees to hire him, but has to keep both Pepper and an impressionable Jamie away from each other.Fri, Jan 18, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights come to the aid of Mexican farmers in the Prince River vicinity, after they were run off the land by a corrupt tycoon.Thu, Jan 17, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaOld-school Zach Randolph refuses to make amends with his gravely ill daughter, Etta, because her son had been born out of wedlock.Wed, Jan 16, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaAfter Ben is seriously injured in a horse-riding accident far from home, Joe seeks help from valley settlers who are terrified of a corrupt rancher and his foremen.Tue, Jan 15, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaHoss unwittingly volunteers to be the sheriff of a town named Trouble, which puts him in the sights of the Clanton gang.Mon, Jan 14, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaLittle Joe Cartwright becomes the target of corrupt lawman Gideon Yeats after a murder attempt goes awry.Fri, Jan 11, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights join a posse on the hunt for the fugitive Davis, who shot and killed an Army colonel.Thu, Jan 10, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA murder suspect escapes a prison wagon. Sheriff Price Buchanan, who covets an appointment to Deputy U.S. Marshal, hatches a plan to use Hoss as a scapegoat.Wed, Jan 9, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaThe Cartwrights lend their support to The Weary Willies, a group of Civil War veterans struggling to re-enter society.Tue, Jan 8, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaAn orphaned rainmaker named Jamie Hunter comes to Virginia City, hoping to help relieve the drought-stricken area.Mon, Jan 7, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA series of destructive fires has Virginia City residents on edge. Deputy Clem's new love interest seems to know a lot more about the fires than she's letting on.Fri, Jan 4, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaHoss meets the reclusive Patch while working in a deserted town. After offering him work at the Ponderosa, Hoss learns about the man's troubled past.Thu, Jan 3, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaThe ladies on the Entertainment Committee want something different for the town's anniversary celebration. They hire Ben to find something special.Wed, Jan 2, 1:00 PMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaA ranch hand is offered a job on the Ponderosa when he manages to save Hoss's life, in spite of the rumour going around that he's a jinx.Wed, Jan 2, 12:00 PMCBS Justice60 mins
BonanzaWhen Trace Cordell comes back to Virginia City after serving time for robbery, Ben Cartwright is one of the few to welcome his former neighbour home.Wed, Jan 2, 11:00 AMCBS Justice60 mins