When is Swashbuckle on?

SwashbuckleTalk Like a Pirate. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain uses a song to teach Cook and Line how to talk like pirates. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 17, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleFirst Rate First Mate. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line compete to become Captain Captain's First Mate. Issy, Harley, Frankie and Rhys play Wacky Whirlpool. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 18, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleDuck Disaster. Pirate-themed physical game show. The Scarlet Squid gets taken over by rubber ducks, so Cook and Line perform a duck dance. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 19, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleCook Wants a Beard. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook does his best to grow a beard in time for Captain Captain's beard inspection. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 20, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSeaweed Machine. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook tries to convince Captain Captain that he has invented a machine that can turn seaweed into gold. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 21, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins


SwashbuckleSinker in a Bottle. Pirate-themed physical game show. Ryan, Reece, Charlie-May and Isabelle play Coconutty Raft and Tumbly Barrel. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 14, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleAaargh-robics. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain tries to improve Cook and Line's fitness with a pirate aaargh-robics class. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 13, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbucklePesky Pirate Swashbucklers. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line want to be Swashbucklers for the day and do their best to join Gem's team. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 12, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSeadog Supper. Pirate-themed game show. Cook and Line try to cheer Captain Captain up when her old seadog friend cancels coming round for supper. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 11, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleConcertina Chaos. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line try to convince Captain Captain to play her concertina. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 10, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleReckless with a Necklace. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain tasks Cook and Line with cleaning her precious necklace. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 7, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleA Hole Lot of Mess. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to find the hungry rat that's eating its way through the ship. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 6, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSwimming Lessons. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain and Cook try to teach Line how to swim, whilst Ellie, Ewan, Alex and Alex try to win back Gem's jewels. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 5, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleThe New Captain. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Sinker is off on her holidays and sends strict Captain Captain to keep an eye on Cook and Line. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 4, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSinker's Holiday. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Sinker enters a selfie competition to try and win the best holiday ever! Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 3, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleMystic Pebbles. Cook and Line trick Captain HeyHo into thinking they can see into the future with the help of some 'mystic' pebbles they find on the beach. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Apr 30, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSwashdance. Captain HeyHo thinks she can't dance, but Cook and Line have an idea. By teaching her the 'Swashdance', they think they can help her find her groove. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Apr 29, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleStorm's A'Coming. Captain HeyHo's finger is twitching and this can only mean one thing - a storm's a'coming. It's up to the pirates to do all they can to prepare for it. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Apr 28, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleThe Only Way is Pirate. Cook and Line want to apply for a new TV show, so they get to work making an audition tape - but they don't want Captain HeyHo to find out. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Apr 27, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSeafood a la Slurp. After boasting that he can make anything, Cook has to try and work out how to make Captain HeyHo's favourite meal - Seafood a la Slurp. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Apr 26, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSea Horse. Cook and Line try to persuade Captain HeyHo to let their friend Dobbin the Sea Horse join the crew. But what will the captain decide - 'yay' or 'neigh'? Also in HD. [S]Fri, Apr 23, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSpare Pirates. Two new pirates are shipwrecked on the island and want to replace Cook and Line in Captain HeyHo's pirate crew. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Apr 22, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleFishy Mud. The salty sea air is irritating Cook and Line's skin. Luckily, Captain HeyHo has a plan. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Apr 21, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleCaptain HeyHo's Sing-A-Long. Cook and Line find Captain HeyHo's old guitar washed up on the beach. After some persuasion, the boys manage to convince the captain to play them a tune. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Apr 20, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSilent Disco. Captain HeyHo likes her peace and quiet. Unfortunately for her, Cook and Line have found an old boombox, which is very loud and still working perfectly! Also in HD. [S]Mon, Apr 19, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleDon't Make Me Laugh. Captain HeyHo has got the blues, but Cook and Line are determined to cheer her up. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Apr 16, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleCamouflage. Captain HeyHo suggests Cook and Line camouflage themselves to beat the Swashbucklers. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Apr 15, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSlime v Slop. Captain HeyHo instructs Cook and Line to find out which is more useful - slime or slop. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Apr 14, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleSleepy Shipmates. Cook and Line are being kept awake at night by a noisy snorer. Captain HeyHo insists it isn't her, but later on in the cove the mystery snorer is revealed. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Apr 13, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleLine's Pirate Choir. Since he loves singing so much, Line decides to start his very own pirate choir. Luckily, Cook and Captain HeyHo are on hand to help. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Apr 12, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleMummy Cook and Daddy Line. Cook and Line's parents drop by to check up on their boys but things do not go as planned. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Apr 9, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleBeard. Cook and Line are obsessed with a brilliant new card game and they want to play it every minute of the day. Captain HeyHo is not amused - or maybe she just feels left out. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Apr 8, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleGreen Fingered Pirates. Cook and Line give Captain HeyHo a new plant. The captain suggests that by playing calming music they could help their new plant grow. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Apr 7, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleKing Cook. Cook claims to be a descendant of royalty, but when he proclaims himself to be 'King of the Cove', his fellow pirates soon become less than willing subjects. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Apr 5, 3:15 PMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleBarrel Full of Line. Line has been stuck inside a barrel for days. Can Captain HeyHo and Cook get him out, or will he be trapped in the barrel forever? Also in HD. [S]Fri, Apr 2, 3:20 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSwash TV. Captain HeyHo confesses that she misses her old TV, so Cook and Line decide to make one. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Apr 1, 3:20 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleMonster Spotting. Captain HeyHo tells Cook and Line about all the incredible and magical monsters that live on the island, resulting in a big ragtime musical number. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Mar 31, 3:20 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Captain's Shower. Captain HeyHo's coat smells awful but she won't take it off, so Cook and Line rig up a shower from washed-up parts. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Mar 30, 3:20 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleMeet Captain HeyHo. Gem, Cook and Line are shipwrecked on an new island without Captain Captain... but does that mean Gem, Cook and Line are Captain free? Also in HD. [S]Mon, Mar 29, 3:20 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleNo Longer Naughty Pirates. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line decide to give up being naughty, but Captain Captain isn't buying it. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Mar 26, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleShipshape Shipwreck. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to fix up the Scarlet Squid, but their repair work soon leads to even more mess. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Mar 25, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleCaptain's Vote. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line discover an interesting pirate rule that allows them to vote for a new captain, but who will end up in charge? Also in HD. [S]Wed, Mar 24, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleNautical Novels. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain wants Cook and Line to find her the best story ever, but they drop all her books and get the stories jumbled up. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Mar 23, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Unlucky Whistle. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain doesn't believe whistling is bad luck, even when her constant whistling gets her covered in sloppy seaweed. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Mar 22, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate Overboard. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line almost fall overboard, so Captain Captain demands that they practice what to do if a pirate really falls overboard. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Mar 19, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate Puzzle Map. Pirate-themed physical game show. An old treasure map has been cut into pieces, so Captain Captain needs Cook and Line to help her put it back together. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Mar 18, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate's Den. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain wants new sleeping quarters, but Cook and Line build her a den instead. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Mar 17, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSluggy the Sea Slug. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain's pet sea slug seems cute, but the feisty creature would rather be set free. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Mar 16, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleCoco-nutty. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line develop an irrational fear of coconuts when Captain Captain tells them coconuts are more dangerous than her pet sharks. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Mar 15, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThree Captain Captains. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line want to be like Captain Captain, but things turn to chaos when they dress-up and behave exactly like her. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Mar 12, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSilly Sounding Sea Creatures. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line impersonate strange sea creatures to help win the games, but do these silly-sounding creatures exist? Also in HD. [S]Thu, Mar 11, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSilly as Slop. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain believes herself to be far too sensible and clever to let the Swashbucklers win any jewels. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Mar 10, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleItchy Uniforms. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain has a new hobby of knitting and knits some very itchy new uniforms for the crew. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Mar 9, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Brig. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook is locked up in the brig for ignoring his chores, but he soon discovers that the brig is actually a lovely place to relax. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Mar 8, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleKnotty Pirates. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line try to learn some pirate knot-tying but soon end up in a complete tangle. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Mar 5, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins