When is Swashbuckle on?

SwashbuckleCamouflage. Captain HeyHo suggests Cook and Line camouflage themselves to beat the Swashbucklers. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Jun 30, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleDon't Make Me Laugh. Captain HeyHo has got the blues, but Cook and Line are determined to cheer her up. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Jul 1, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSilent Disco. Captain HeyHo likes her peace and quiet. Unfortunately for her, Cook and Line have found an old boombox, which is very loud and still working perfectly! Also in HD. [S]Mon, Jul 4, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleCaptain HeyHo's Sing-A-Long. Cook and Line find Captain HeyHo's old guitar washed up on the beach. After some persuasion, the boys manage to convince the captain to play them a tune. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Jul 5, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleFishy Mud. The salty sea air is irritating Cook and Line's skin, but thankfully Captain HeyHo has a solution: fishy mud. Her remedy comes with an unfortunate downside, however - its awful smell! [S]Wed, Jul 6, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins


SwashbuckleSlime v Slop. Captain HeyHo instructs Cook and Line to find out which is more useful - slime or slop. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Jun 29, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleLine's Pirate Choir. Since he loves singing so much, Line decides to start his very own pirate choir. Luckily, Cook and Captain HeyHo are on hand to help. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Jun 27, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleAwesome Ancestors. Captain Captain is surprised at how little Seaweed knows about his awesome pirating family, so she instructs him and Sandy to make a family tree! Also in HD. [S]Sun, Jun 26, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleThe Slimy Seaworm. Captain Captain discovers that someone (or something) has been eating her sandwiches! Also in HD. [S]Sat, Jun 25, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleMummy Cook and Daddy Line. Cook and Line's parents drop by to check up on their boys but things do not go as planned. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Jun 24, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleGreen Fingered Pirates. Cook and Line give Captain HeyHo a new plant. The captain suggests that by playing calming music they could help their new plant grow. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Jun 22, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleStrong Sea Legs. The Captain gives Cook and Line step counters in order to improve their fitness. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Jun 21, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleUncle Joe King. Captain Captain's uncle Joe King is coming to visit. Uncle Joe is the best joker in the family, and Captain Captain has got a big plan to play a joke on him! Also in HD. [S]Sun, Jun 19, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleSandy and Seaweed's Scarecrow Challenge. It is harvest day on Captain Captain's vegetable patch, and the pirates are helping dig. Also in HD. [S]Sat, Jun 18, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleBarrel Full of Line. Line has been stuck inside a barrel for days. Can Captain HeyHo and Cook get him out, or will he be trapped in the barrel forever? Also in HD. [S]Fri, Jun 17, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSwash TV. Captain HeyHo confesses that she misses her old TV, so Cook and Line decide to make one. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Jun 16, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Captain's Shower. Captain HeyHo's coat smells awful but she won't take it off, so Cook and Line rig up a shower from washed-up parts. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Jun 14, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleMeet Captain HeyHo. Gem, Cook and Line are shipwrecked on an new island without Captain Captain... but does that mean Gem, Cook and Line are Captain free? Also in HD. [S]Mon, Jun 13, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleProper Pirate Proficiency Test. Captain Captain is wearing a Proper Pirate Proficiency badge and Seaweed doesn't have one. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Jun 12, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleThe Big Brain Swash Challenge. The pirates impress Captain Captain when they start doing a perfectly pirating puzzle! Also in HD. [S]Sat, Jun 11, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleNo Longer Naughty Pirates. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line decide to give up being naughty, but Captain Captain isn't buying it. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Jun 10, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleShipshape Shipwreck. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to fix up the Scarlet Squid, but their repair work soon leads to even more mess. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Jun 9, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleCaptain's Vote. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line discover an interesting pirate rule that allows them to vote for a new captain, but who will end up in charge? Also in HD. [S]Wed, Jun 8, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleNautical Novels. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain wants Cook and Line to find her the best story ever, but they drop all her books and get the stories jumbled up. Also in HD. [S]Tue, Jun 7, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Unlucky Whistle. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain doesn't believe whistling is bad luck, even when her constant whistling gets her covered in sloppy seaweed. Also in HD. [S]Mon, Jun 6, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleThe Swashbuckle Seven Seas. Seaweed starts to daydream about the Swashbuckle Seven Seas. Also in HD. [S]Sun, Jun 5, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbucklePirate Yearbook. Captain Captain is busy looking at last year's Pirate Yearbook, but something is wrong! Also in HD. [S]Sat, Jun 4, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate Overboard. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line almost fall overboard, so Captain Captain demands that they practice what to do if a pirate really falls overboard. Also in HD. [S]Fri, Jun 3, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate Puzzle Map. Pirate-themed physical game show. An old treasure map has been cut into pieces, so Captain Captain needs Cook and Line to help her put it back together. Also in HD. [S]Thu, Jun 2, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbucklePirate's Den. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain wants new sleeping quarters, but Cook and Line build her a den instead. Also in HD. [S]Wed, Jun 1, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleCoco-nutty. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line develop an irrational fear of coconuts when Captain Captain tells them coconuts are more dangerous than her pet sharks. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 30, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleThe Big Book of Pirate World Records. Captain Captain wants to get into the Big Book of Pirate World Records! Also in HD. [S]Sun, May 29, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleYe Old Piratey Butlaarrrs. Captain Captain has been reading about how captains of yonder years had 'butlaarrrs' in the Olde Book of Piratey Historrry. Also in HD. [S]Sat, May 28, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThree Captain Captains. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line want to be like Captain Captain, but things turn to chaos when they dress-up and behave exactly like her. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 27, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleCaptain Captain's Cool Pirates. Captain Captain has been checking out the latest looks in her Perfectly Pirate magazine. Also in HD. [S]Sun, May 22, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleNever Eat Soggy Waffles. Captain Captain fancies some waffles for her tea and sends the pirates to fetch some. Also in HD. [S]Sat, May 21, 10:35 AMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleKnotty Pirates. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line try to learn some pirate knot-tying but soon end up in a complete tangle. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 20, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleFool's Jewel. Pirate-themed physical game show. Things get messy when Cook and Line lose the blue jewel and decide to empty all the slop from the Ship's Mess to look for it. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 19, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleLittle Sea Monster. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line help Little Sea Monster collect gold for charity, but Captain Captain wants the loot for herself. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 18, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleBad Loser. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain is fed up of losing, so Cook and Line try to teach her how to be a good loser. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 17, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleWhistleless Whistle. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain's whistle gets blocked up and stops working, so Cook and Line try to replace it with other silly whistles. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 16, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleRemote Control. When the pirates find an old remote control, Captain Captain realises she can use it to control her crew. But when two more remote controls are found, mayhem ensues! Also in HD. [S]Sun, May 15, 10:35 AMCBeebies20 mins
New: SwashbuckleSeaweed the Inventor. When Seaweed finds the diary of his great-great-great-aunt Marie, the Magnificent Pirate Inventor, he decides that he must come up with a great invention himself. Also in HD. [S]Sat, May 14, 10:35 AMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleMini Cook and Line. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line are fed up with doing all the work so they capture some Swashbucklers to be their new mini pirate crew. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 13, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSeaweed Super Soup. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook's new dish, seaweed super soup, is so good that Captain Captain decides to make money by selling it to other pirates. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 12, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSharks! Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line are scared of the Captain's new sharks, so she sings them a song about how lovely and misunderstood sharks really are. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 11, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSinker's Message. Pirate-themed physical game show. Sinker has a new ship and invites Cook and Line to leave the Scarlet Squid and join her on board. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 10, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleTime Capsule Treasure Chest. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook, Line and Captain Captain collect precious things that remind them of good times on the Scarlet Squid. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 9, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
New: SwashbuckleCaptain's Log. Captain Captain entrusts Sandy and Seaweed with her treasured captain's log. Also in HD. [S]Sun, May 8, 10:35 AMCBeebies20 mins
New: SwashbuckleSeaweed's Dream Spade. Captain Captain reminds Sandy and Seaweed that it is kit-check day, but it seems that Seaweed is missing an essential piece of pirate kit - a spade! Also in HD. [S]Sat, May 7, 10:35 AMCBeebies20 mins
SwashbuckleCooling Captain Captain. Pirate-themed physical game show. It's sweltering on the Scarlet Squid so Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to cool her down. Also in HD. [S]Fri, May 6, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Broken Bell. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain orders Cook and Line to fix the ship's bell that keeps making funny noises. Also in HD. [S]Thu, May 5, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleThe Ship's Anchor. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain tasks Cook and Line with finding a new use for the ship's anchor. Also in HD. [S]Wed, May 4, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleSuper Shiny Scarlet Squid. Pirate-themed physical game show. Cook and Line take Captain Captain's order to polish the Scarlet Squid to extremes. Also in HD. [S]Tue, May 3, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins
SwashbuckleA Second Squawk. Pirate-themed physical game show. Captain Captain asks Cook and Line to find her a parrot. Kornel, George, Krisha and Caiomhe play Swashing and Swashbubbles. Also in HD. [S]Mon, May 2, 3:15 PMCBeebies25 mins