Digimon Fusion



Digimon FusionFinal Fusion - The Fight for Earth: Animated series. Mikey, Christopher Aonuma, Nene Amano, Ewan Amano, Angie Hinomoto, and Jeremy Tsurgi are transported back to Earth. [S]Fri, Jul 8, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionThe Darkness Before the Dawn: Animated series about a boy called Mikey Kudou. Axeknightmon absorbs his older brother - known as Lord Bagra - in a forced DigiFusion. [S]Thu, Jul 7, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionD5 and the Brotherhood of Evil: Animated series about a boy called Mikey Kudou. Ewan Amano is captured by Axeknightmon inside the Pandemonia. [S]Wed, Jul 6, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionRotten to the Digi-core: Animated series. In Prison Land, the seven Dark Generals defeat Shoutmon X3 easily. Moved by the act of sacrifice, Olegmon switches sides to support Mikey. [S]Tue, Jul 5, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionPrison Land: Animated series. After the defeat of all seven Dark Generals, Mikey, Christopher and Nene head to the Bagra Army's headquarters - called Pandemonia. [S]Mon, Jul 4, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionThe Darkest Dark General of All: Animated series. As SkullKnightmon takes Ewan Amano to the Bagra Army's base, everyone knows that they have to deal with Apollomon Whispered. [S]Fri, Jul 1, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionBeelzemon's Revenge: Animated series. Mikey and Wisemon are working on a way to leave the Digital Underworld without either of them dying. [S]Thu, Jun 30, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionThe Dark Side of Bright Land: Animated series. Falling into the Digital Underworld below Bright Land, Mikey, Christopher and Nene find themselves before a white castle. [S]Tue, Jun 28, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionDark Side of the Sun: Animated series. Mikey, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano arrive in Bright Land, the last kingdom in the Digital World. [S]Mon, Jun 27, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionRegeneration Frustration: Animated series. Christopher Aonuma's renewed bond with Mikey and Nene Amano allows them to form Shoutmon X7 and wipe out the majority of Gravimon's army. [S]Fri, Jun 24, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionGreat Fusion! The Power Of Friendship: Animated series. Christopher Aonuma admits that he would have had to confront Mikey even after they defeated Bagramon and his army. [S]Thu, Jun 23, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionDeep Trouble In Canyon Land: Animated series. The team arrive in Canyon Land where the Fusion Fighters find the Dark General named Gravimon who is known as the Earth Spirit. [S]Wed, Jun 22, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionBallistamon's Bad News Blast From The Past: Animated series. After his crew capture and rewire Ballistamon, Olegmon reveals that he created DarkVolumon to aid him. [S]Tue, Jun 21, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionGold Land and the Irate Pirate: Animated series. After landing in the Gold Land, the team find no traces of the Dark General's flag before a pirate ship rises from underwater. [S]Mon, Jun 20, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionThe Water Tiger's Slippery Trap: Animated series. Having captured Dorulumon, Splashmon assumes his captive's form to lead an attack on Mikey Kudo, Christopher Aonuma, and Nene Amano. [S]Fri, Jun 17, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionPsyche-Out in Cyberland: Animated series. The Fusion Fighters are attacked by an army of Andromon teleported from a flying Whamon. [S]Thu, Jun 16, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionEwan and the Land of Illusion: Animated series. Having heard from Christopher Aonuma that he saw a boy who resembled her younger brother, Nene Amano is eager to search for him. [S]Wed, Jun 15, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionSweet Revenge! The Horrors of Honeyland: Animated series. After Zamielmon escaped during their fight against GrandisKuwagamon, the team discuss how to defeat such a small opponent. [S]Tue, Jun 14, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionThe Power Drain: The Hunters of Honeyland: Animated series. The team arrive in Honey Land where they encounter a group of Digimon that had their energy drained. [S]Mon, Jun 13, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionVampire Land and the Moonlight General: Animated series about a boy called Mikey Kudou who uses the power of joining together Digimon in order to save the Digital World. [S]Wed, Jun 8, 7:20 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionTake a Stand, Christopher Fusion Fighters' Rescue Mission!: With OmniShoutmon trapped, Dorbickmon assumes his Darkness Mode One form to force the Digimon back to his rookie form. [S]Tue, Jun 7, 7:25 AMCITV25 mins
Digimon FusionBack To The Digital World! Hot Time In Dragonland: Mikey and Shoutmon return to the Digital World which they learn has been split into seven lands, each ruled by a Dark General. [S]Mon, Jun 6, 7:25 AMCITV25 mins