Fish Hooks



Fish HooksGood Morning, Freshwater: Animated comedy series. Oscar bores everyone in Freshwater High School with his morning announcements, so Bea helps make the show more entertaining. [S]Fri, Apr 15, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksMilo's Big Idea: Inventive animated comedy series. Milo comes up with a great idea - fridge hats. Then Randy Pincherson mysteriously starts selling fridge hats himself. [S]Fri, Apr 15, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksRiding in Cars with Fish: Inventive animated comedy series. Oscar is confident he will pass his driving test, until Mr Mussels and Coach Salmons show up as his driving instructors. [S]Thu, Apr 14, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksFlying Fish: Inventive animated comedy series. After Mr Mussels gives an inspiring speech about going after your dreams, Milo finds his dream - he wants to fly across the world! [S]Wed, Apr 13, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksPeopleing: When Milo plunges himself to Bud's ear and calls it 'Peopleing', he falls off and lands in Bud's pocket and almost dies. [S]Wed, Apr 13, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksTwo Clams in Love: When Clamantha's crush on Oscar begins to overwhelm him, he thinks his problems are solved when she develops a crush on his laptop. [S]Tue, Apr 12, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksDollars and Fish: Milo asks to borrow some money from Randy Pincherson, only for Bea and Oscar to have to give Randy their Brandon Bubbler concert tickets to settle Milo's debt. [S]Tue, Apr 12, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksFish Floaters: Inventive animated comedy series. There is a battle of the sexes when Principal Stickler challenges the boys and the girls to each build a float. [S]Mon, Apr 11, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksThe Dark Side of the Fish: Animated comedy series. After Oscar believes that nobody understands him, he joins a group of goth fish and changes his name. [S]Mon, Apr 11, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksBig Fish: Animation. When Milo joins Bea in her new exercise class he turns out to be the weakest fish in the class, so he gets help from Jumbo Shrimp to become bigger and stronger. [S]Fri, Apr 8, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksMilo's Magical Shake: Animated comedy. When Milo gets a free milkshake, he wants the excitement and the drink to last forever, but Bea and Oscar are forced to intervene. [S]Fri, Apr 8, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksSo-fish-ticated: Animation. Bea and Milo help Oscar pick a tie, but when Milo is banned from the store because of his stained shirt, he wants to learn how to become sophisticated. [S]Wed, Apr 6, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksBrothers' Day: Animated comedy. After seeing the Joe brothers get into a massive fight, Milo gets nervous. Maybe one day that might happen to him and Oscar. [S]Wed, Apr 6, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksBusy Bea: Rise of the Machines: Animated comedy series. Bea breaks her fin and is convinced that her life is over since she cannot participate in any of her school activities. [S]Tue, Apr 5, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksUnfinished Doll Business: Animated comedy series, set inside a giant fish tank. When Bea's childhood doll resurfaces, Bea tries to pawn it off on Milo and Oscar. [S]Tue, Apr 5, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksBea Sneaks Out: Animated comedy series. Bea and the girls get invited to a super-cool ferret party, but the ferrets turn out to not be as cool as they first thought. [S]Mon, Apr 4, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksLittle Fish Sunshine: Animated comedy series. Bea and the girls enter the Little Fish Sunshine pageant in order to meet pop sensation Brandon Bubbler. Milo offers to coach Bea. [S]Mon, Apr 4, 6:55 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksSend Me an Angel Fish: Animated comedy series. Oscar finds himself hanging out with and falling for new student Angela who is the head of the rival debate team. [S]Fri, Apr 1, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksJust One of the Fish: Animated comedy series. When Jocktopus's arms get severed in a football game, Bea volunteers to be the replacement quarterback but is turned down by the coach. [S]Fri, Apr 1, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksSixteen Clamandles: Animated comedy series about three fish. No-one has remembered Clamantha's sixteenth birthday, so the gang try to organise a last-minute party. [S]Thu, Mar 31, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksOscar's Secret Admirer: Animated comedy series. Milo writes a love letter - but puts it in Oscar's locker. When Oscar finds it, he is ecstatic to think that a girl likes him. [S]Thu, Mar 31, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksBreak Up Shake Down: Animated comedy series. After Jocktopus forgets their anniversary, Piranhica spirals out of control and breaks up with him - so the gang try to reunite them. [S]Wed, Mar 30, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksBea Dates Milo: Animated comedy series. Bea tries to help a heartbroken Milo get over his break-up with Pamela Hamster by taking him to the Hokey Poke. [S]Wed, Mar 30, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksMilo on the Lam: Animated comedy series. When Milo is wrongly accused of glueing Mr Baldwin to his chair, he goes on the run from the law - in the shape of hall monitor Clamantha. [S]Tue, Mar 29, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksHalloween Haul: Inventive animated comedy series. It is Halloween in Freshwater and the scene is set for a night of frights and fun! The only hitch though is Jocktopus. [S]Tue, Mar 29, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksCattlefish, Ho!: Animated comedy series. Milo is convinced that he is a true cowboy when Bo Gregory enlists him and his friends to drive cattle fish over to his uncle's ranch. [S]Mon, Mar 28, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksAll Fins on Deck: Animated comedy series. Bea and Oscar plan the cruise of a lifetime, but a morning of merrymaking turns into a swashbuckling adventure with Milo at the helm. [S]Mon, Mar 28, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksEmployee Discount: Animated comedy series. When Milo and Oscar accidentally rip Bea's new red dress, they find a replacement, but are surprised because it costs 1,000 fish dollars. [S]Wed, Mar 23, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksFish Talent Show: Animated comedy series. A talent show turns into a battle when Clamantha and Shellsea get into a fight, splitting the school into two opposing sides. [S]Wed, Mar 23, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksOscar Makes an Impression: Animated comedy series. Oscar's impersonation of the Queen of Fish England is so good that even Mr Mussel cannot tell the difference. [S]Tue, Mar 22, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksGood Times at Pupu Goodtimes: Animated comedy series. The class is on a field trip to PuPu Goodtimes Amusement Park, and Bea, Milo and Oscar all have individual goals in mind. [S]Tue, Mar 22, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fish HooksMascotastrophe: Animated comedy series. Milo and Oscar dress up as the school mascot, but when Milo exposes them, he embarrasses Oscar. Then players from a rival school kidnap Oscar. [S]Mon, Mar 21, 7:10 AMCITV15 mins
Fish HooksRun, Oscar, Run: Animated comedy series. Oscar is being honoured for perfect attendance, but Bea and Milo get themselves into a predicament and prevent him attending the ceremony. [S]Mon, Mar 21, 7:00 AMCITV10 mins