Fleabag Monkeyface



Fleabag MonkeyfaceDinner Crime: Fleabag is invited to work in a posh restaurant. But then Dr Spamflex hatches a plan to add an evil ingredient that will make the dishes attack the diners live on air! [S]Mon, Jun 6, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceRaining Cats and Bogs: Bizarre weather has been hitting the city. It has been raining snails, snowing dandruff and gusting gales of boiled cabbage. Who is behind it? Dr Spamflex! [S]Tue, May 24, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceCaptain Maggotman: The team go to the Annual Comic Convention for an exclusive interview with reclusive inventor Samuelson Stinx and his brand new superhero Captain Maggotman. [S]Mon, May 23, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceBling My Blimp: Gerald, Gene and Fleabag are in the garden filming Fleabag's latest fungus from his unique blend of compost but the Smugleys manage to sabotage it. [S]Wed, May 11, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceFright Night at the Phantom Fish Factory: The defunct Captain Lugworm fish-canning factory is reportedly haunted, so Gross Out TV decide to investigate by spending a night there. [S]Fri, Apr 29, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceInterview with a Monkey: Fleabag has an exclusive interview with top news reporter Samantha Korny. It will take place at celebrity chef Simeon Sprout's restaurant The Swanky Platter. [S]Thu, Apr 21, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins
Fleabag MonkeyfaceThere's a Fly in My Celebrity Soup: The new show is the hottest thing on television. Z-list celebs dress up as their favourite vegetable and are filmed in a vast bowl of mouldy soup. [S]Mon, Apr 18, 6:00 AMCITV10 mins