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LEGO City PresentsPart 2: The second part of the thrilling, high-octane LEGO City adventure. It's a classic case of cops-and-robbers, but who has the horsepower to come out on top? [S] Ep2Sat, Aug 25, 10:50 AMCITV20 mins
LEGO City PresentsPart 1: Have your engines ready to burn some rubber and catch some crooks in this high-octane, cops-and-robbers LEGO City adventure. [S] Ep1Sat, Aug 25, 10:40 AMCITV10 mins
LEGO City PresentsPart 2: Have your engines ready to burn rubber and catch crooks in this high-octane LEGO City adventure. [S]Mon, Jan 15, 5:15 PMCITV14 mins