Ninjago: Hunted



Ninjago: HuntedGreen Destiny: The Ninja reunite and take the fight back to Lord Garmadon, and Lloyd has an impossible decision to make about the future of Ninjago. [S] S9 Ep10Fri, May 10, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedLessons for a Master: The Iron Baron forces Wu to collect the Dragon Armour, but things quickly spiral out of control. Lloyd holds on to hope for the Ninja to return. [S] S9 Ep9Thu, May 9, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedSaving Faith: Lloyd rallies the team to his plan to take control of the Oni Titan. The Ninja fall into the Iron Baron's trap. [S] S9 Ep8Wed, May 8, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedThe Weakest Link: The tables are turned on Harumi, and Lloyd takes his father's power back. The Ninja learn about dragon hunting. [S] S9 Ep7Tue, May 7, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedTwo Lies, One Truth: Mystake is unmasked by Lloyd and her true identity revealed, and Lord Garmadon accepts Harumi as his daughter of darkness. [S] S9 Ep6Mon, May 6, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedThe Gilded Path: The resistance HQ is attacked, and Lloyd only just manages to get away unscathed. The Ninja are captured by Heavy Metal, and need help. [S] S9 Ep5Fri, May 3, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedHow to Build a Dragon: Lloyd and the rebels celebrate their first major success against Emperor Garmadon, while the rest of the ninja hatch an escape plan... [S] S9 Ep4Thu, May 2, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedRadio Free Ninjago: Lloyd leads a small group of resistance fighters trying to capture the airwaves in Ninjago City and speak out against Garmadon's rule. [S] S9 Ep3Wed, May 1, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedIron and Stone: Cole and Young Wu try to free their friends from the Dragon Hunters, while Lloyd meets some old friends who could help turn the tide. [S] S9 Ep2Tue, Apr 30, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins
Ninjago: HuntedFirstbourne: The evil Emperor Garmadon takes over Ninjago City, and forces Lloyd to retreat to the shadows. Can anyone stop Garmadon now? [S] S9 Ep1Mon, Apr 29, 5:29 PMCITV31 mins