Scrambled! Jessie



Scrambled! JessieJessie's Big Break (Part 2): Drama series. Jessie gets her big break as a stunt double to popular Australian actress Shaylee Michaels. [AD,S]Sat, Mar 12, 8:30 AMCITV35 mins
Scrambled! JessieBreak-up and Shake-up: Children's drama series. Jessie is suspicious of Tony when he trains a beautiful girl to be the new door person. Then Jessie's hot ex-boyfriend comes to town. [AD,S]Sat, Feb 27, 8:30 AMCITV35 mins
Scrambled! JessieDiary of a Mad Newswoman: Drama series. Emma and Bryn's friendship is put to the test when they co-anchor their school's morning announcements. [AD,S]Sat, Feb 20, 8:30 AMCITV35 mins
Scrambled! JessieThe Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day: US sitcom. A Jessie from the future warns present-day Jessie that in 60 years time, Ravi's inventions plot to destroy Jessie and rule the world. [AD,S]Sat, Feb 13, 8:30 AMCITV35 mins
Scrambled! JessieAustin and Jessie and Ally All Star New Year: Children's comedy series. In New York City, Jessie and Emma meet Austin and think that he can turn Jessie's songs into a big hit. [AD,S]Sat, Jan 30, 8:30 AMCITV35 mins