Scrambled! Wishfart



Scrambled! WishfartWe're a Ragtag Team: Animated series. A wish to be master thieves lands the trio in a storage locker with a stack of stolen gold - but the gold turns out to belong to Dez's parents.Sun, Dec 10, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartNormal Sad: Animated series following the adventures of a teen leprechaun and his friends. Puffin's wish to skip the rain and go straight to rainbows creates a rainbow-happy storm.Sat, Dec 9, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartLet's Ditch Dorkus: Animated series. When Puffin accidentally summons the King of the Underworld to play a confusing card game, they soon become firm friends.Sun, Nov 19, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartAw, Man!: Animated series following the adventures of a teen leprechaun. Dez discovers a Victims of Dez support group, made up of people he has granted wonky wishes to.Sat, Nov 18, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartLitterfools Ain't Cool: Animated series. Dez, Puffin, and Akiko travel deep into Dez's unconscious mind when he starts dream wishing, but things soon take a sinister turn.Sun, Nov 12, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartWhat's Up P. Buddy?: Animated series. Puffin acts oddly after he wishes his video game hero to life. Dez and Akiko follow him to a warehouse where they make a terrible discovery.Sat, Nov 11, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartChopstick Jab: Animated series. The gang accidentally unleash a leprechaun greed demon into the world. Can they overcome their greedy thoughts and defeat the demon?Sun, Nov 5, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins
Scrambled! WishfartCartwheel, Cartwheel, Cartwheel: Animated series. When ghostly Akiko turns into a real living girl, Dez and Puffin must figure out how to deal with the angry King of the Underworld.Sat, Nov 4, 9:00 AMCITV25 mins