The Avengers


When is The Avengers on?

The AvengersTraitor in Zebra: Someone is leaking classified information from a secret Navy base. Steed and Cathy follow the trail to a sweet shop and a local pub with a very special dartboard. (S2 Ep13)Wed, Mar 20, 2:00 AMTrue Entertainment60 mins
The AvengersPandora: Espionage drama series. Tara is brainwashed by two brothers who are after an old man's fortune. [S] S6 Ep31Wed, Mar 20, 7:15 AMITV470 mins
The AvengersThe Big Thinker: A very powerful computer, part of the missile defence system, keeps breaking down. Steed and Cathy investigate when one of its creators is found dead inside. (S2 Ep14)Thu, Mar 21, 2:00 AMTrue Entertainment60 mins
The AvengersGetaway: 60s drama series. Three Russian agents escape from a monastery with the help of a liquid that makes them invisible. [S] S6 Ep32Thu, Mar 21, 7:15 AMITV465 mins
The AvengersIntercrime: Cathy poses as a female assassin to gather evidence to break up an international criminal syndicate. (S2 Ep15)Fri, Mar 22, 2:00 AMTrue Entertainment60 mins
The AvengersBizarre: Steed and Tara investigate the disappearance of bodies from the Happy Meadows Cemetery. [S] S6 Ep33Fri, Mar 22, 7:15 AMITV465 mins
The AvengersWarlock: Steed is asked to guard a revolutionary new fuel formula when its inventor is discovered in a coma. The inventor also happens to be a member of a black magic cult. (S2 Ep16)Sat, Mar 23, 2:00 AMTrue Entertainment60 mins
The AvengersEscape in Time: Crime drama. Steed and Mrs Peel investigate the murder of an agent shot with a 16th-century bullet and a second victim stabbed with a Jacobean dagger. [SL,S] S5 Ep3Mon, Mar 25, 6:25 AMITV450 mins
The AvengersThe See-Through Man: An invisible guest pays a visit to the Ministry's records office. Steed and Mrs Peel follow a trail to an inventor who has made an extraordinary breakthrough. [S] S5 Ep4Mon, Mar 25, 12:30 PMITV465 mins
The AvengersImmortal Clay: Cathy's friends claim to have invented an unbreakable ceramic. But sinister forces also want to get their hands on the formula, but not for cups and saucers. (S2 Ep17)Tue, Mar 26, 2:00 AMTrue Entertainment60 mins