15 Kids and Counting



15 Kids and CountingPrice and Prejudice: Three supersize families talk about the cost of having big broods. Jo Watson, a single mother with 13 children, has been vilified in the press for living on benefits. [S]Wed, Jan 27, 12:05 AMChannel 455 mins
15 Kids and CountingThe Lewis family from Bournemouth have 12 daughters, many of them vying with each other in beauty shows. But what effect does all this competition have on the daughters? [S]Thu, Jan 21, 12:35 AMChannel 455 mins
15 Kids and CountingThree-part series exploring the lives of some of the UK's biggest families, including Noel and Sue Radford from Morecambe in Lancashire, who have 14 kids and are expecting their 15th baby. [S]Mon, Jan 18, 12:35 AMChannel 455 mins