Alex: Walter Presents



Alex: Walter PresentsAction crime thriller about a dodgy cop trying to go straight. Alex is caught between the cops and the criminals while he's in prison. In Swedish/subs. (S2 Ep1/6) [S]Mon, Dec 9, 12:05 AMChannel 460 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsAiming to turn himself in, Alex hands his gun to the forensics team, but they believe it couldn't have inflicted Martin's fatal wound. Frida is in the line of fire. In Swedish/subs. (Ep6/6) [AD,S]Wed, Oct 31, 11:35 PMChannel 455 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsJust as BG's men are about to kill Simon, he gets help from an unexpected source, but the gang are moving in, and Alex must chase every lead to get there in time. In Swedish/subs. (Ep5/6) [AD,S]Wed, Oct 24, 11:40 PMChannel 455 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsBG sends Alex a gruesome and potent reminder of the task he's been assigned. Frida persuades her estranged father, an infamous old school cop, to set up a wire tap. In Swedish/subs. (Ep4/6) [AD,S]Wed, Oct 17, 11:40 PMChannel 455 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsAlex goes off the rails and spends the night trying to beat information out of every criminal he knows, and Simon is put into the custody of two drug addicts. In Swedish/subs. (Ep3/6) [AD,S]Wed, Oct 10, 11:40 PMChannel 455 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsAlex hopes to buy his way out of his criminal life by returning all the money BG has paid him. BG has one condition: he wants Alex to find an informant in his gang. In Swedish/subs. (Ep2/6)Wed, Oct 3, 11:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Alex: Walter PresentsWhen a street meeting turns into a gunfight, corrupt cop Alex Leko accidentally kills his partner and best friend Martin in this intense action crime thriller. In Swedish/subs. (Ep1/6) [AD,S]Wed, Sep 26, 11:05 PMChannel 460 mins