Animal Airport


When is Animal Airport on?

Animal AirportA kid is distraught when her dog is detained at passport control, and staff welcomes a giant tortoise. Plus, 40 chameleons die in transit - will the rest of the shipment survive? S1/Ep1Mon, Apr 19, 7:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
Animal AirportStuart gets to grips with reception's grumpy resident crocodile and Sharon tracks an illegal bulldog. Plus, will four cheetah cubs pose any problems en route to Russia? S1/Ep2Mon, Apr 19, 7:30 AMQuest Red30 mins
Animal AirportStuart catches a man who has hidden a tortoise in his underpants to smuggle him through customs. Plus, a lion cub's crate is too flimsy - will staff detain him? S1/Ep3Mon, Apr 19, 8:00 AMQuest Red30 mins
Animal AirportMon, Apr 19, 8:30 AMQuest Red30 mins


Animal AirportDeputy manager Ross spots a suspicious package, a cat requires a vet, an angry dog provokes desperate measures, and a pair of ferrets cause chaos. (S1 Ep5) [AD,S]Fri, Jul 24, 3:30 AMChannel 455 mins
Animal AirportIntern Dan needs back-up with a cat called Mischief and there's a paperwork problem for an Australian wallaby. And two rescue dogs and 14 toucans get the team in a flap. (S1 Ep11) [AD,S]Sun, Jul 19, 4:00 AMChannel 455 mins
Animal AirportAt Heathrow's Animal Reception Centre, the apprentices get their first experience of handling crocodiles, and deputy manager Ross checks in a shipment of 300 creepy crawlies. (S1 Ep2) [AD,S]Fri, Jul 17, 3:45 AMChannel 455 mins
Animal AirportA much-loved rabbit arrives from Iran. Susie trains a local fire crew to handle reptiles. And a bizarre case of smuggled crabs are detained. (S1 Ep12) [AD,S]Mon, Jul 13, 3:50 AMChannel 455 mins
Animal AirportApprentice Hayley has her hands full with a shipment of racehorses. Deputy manager Ross inspects 50 feisty falcons. And the centre's resident reptiles get checked over. (S1 Ep7) [AD,S]Sun, Jul 12, 3:10 AMChannel 455 mins
Animal AirportWelcome to the Animal Reception Centre at Heathrow Airport, where deputy manager Ross meets a pair of penguins, a pack of huskies cause a stir and 10,000 bees create a buzz. (S1 Ep1) [AD,S]Mon, Jul 6, 2:50 AMChannel 455 mins