Burger Bar to Gourmet Star


When is Burger Bar to Gourmet Star on?

Burger Bar to Gourmet StarTom and Lee: From cafe to Cote d'Azur as chef Tom Sellors sends Lee to work at the 11th best restaurant in the world: Mirazur. [S]Tue, Jan 22, 10:00 PMHome60 mins


Burger Bar to Gourmet StarOllie from Bristol wants to make it as a chef in a professional kitchen and goes to the Angler restaurant in London to train under Tony Fleming. But can Ollie take the pressure? (Ep6) [AD,S]Fri, Sep 18, 2:00 AMChannel 455 mins
Burger Bar to Gourmet StarSome of Britain's best chefs train up some of the country's worst, for them to then pose as seasoned professionals in world class kitchens. Will they get away with it? [AD,S]Fri, Sep 11, 1:05 AMChannel 455 mins