When is Cheers on?

CheersSun, Aug 25, 7:05 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersAny Friend of Diane's: Diane is dismayed when her old college friend Rebecca turns up at Cheers on the rebound from an unhappy love affair and tries to make a date with Sam. (S1 Ep6/22) [S]Sun, Aug 25, 7:30 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersSun, Aug 25, 8:05 AMChannel 4+125 mins
CheersAny Friend of Diane's: Diane is dismayed when her old college friend Rebecca turns up at Cheers on the rebound from an unhappy love affair and tries to make a date with Sam. (S1 Ep6/22) [S]Sun, Aug 25, 8:30 AMChannel 4+130 mins


CheersSam at Eleven: Sam is delighted when an old baseball teammate arrives to film a sports report about him, but his ego is shattered when he finds himself abandoned mid-interview. (S1 Ep4/22) [S]Sun, Aug 18, 7:30 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersThe Tortelli Tort: When waitress Carla attacks an obnoxious sports fan who is making trouble at the bar, the man threatens to sue the establishment unless Sam has Carla fired. (S1 Ep3/22) [S]Sun, Aug 18, 7:05 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersSam's Women: Sam tries to get a date with an attractive customer who visits the bar, but Diane is scornful about the beautiful yet unintelligent women he spends time with. (S1 Ep2/22) [S]Sun, Aug 11, 7:35 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersSun, Aug 11, 7:10 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersOne for the Road Part 3: Sam and Diane are plagued by doubts about the idea of getting back together, while the Cheers gang ponder the meaning of life. (S11 Ep28/28) [S]Mon, Jul 29, 7:20 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersOne for the Road Part 2: Woody's new career as a city councillor enables him to help Norm get a job. An unexpected turn of events leads to a reconciliation for Sam and Diane. (S11 Ep27/28) [S]Mon, Jul 29, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersOne for the Road Part 1: Don the plumber asks Rebecca to marry him, but what answer will she give? Sam sees Diane on a TV awards show and aims to get back in touch with her. (S11 Ep26/28) [S]Mon, Jul 29, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersThe Guy Can't Help It: When Rebecca is attracted to a handsome plumber who comes to the bar, Sam isn't very impressed. But Rebecca convinces Sam he's no great catch himself. (S11 Ep25/28) [S]Fri, Jul 26, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersRebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses Part 2: Rebecca realises her obsession with rich men - including Mr Gaines - is doing her no favours. Cliff's mother goes into a retirement home. (S11 Ep24/28) [S]Fri, Jul 26, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersRebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses Part 1: Rebecca impresses Kelly's father and is thrilled when he invites her over to his house, but the evening isn't what she was expecting. (S11 Ep23/29) [S]Thu, Jul 25, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersIt's Lonely on the Top: Carla's promoted to bartender and her drunken celebration leads to a night of passion with one of the Cheers regulars, but she can't recall who it was. (S11 Ep22/29) [S]Thu, Jul 25, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersWoody Gets an Election: Frasier has a bet against Sam that Woody would get at least 10% of the vote if he ran for city councillor. But then Woody's opponent suffers a scandal. (S11 Ep21/29) [S]Wed, Jul 24, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersLook Before You Sleep: Sam can't go home when his apartment block is fumigated. Locked out of the bar, he needs a place to stay but turns down Rebecca's offer to put him up. (S11 Ep20/29) [S]Wed, Jul 24, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersBar Wars VII: The Naked Prey: On St Patrick's Night, Sam takes a bet that Cheers will make more money than Gary's Old Town Tavern, and Woody is the target of practical jokes. (S11 Ep19/29) [S]Tue, Jul 23, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersThe Last Picture Show: Frasier, Cliff, Norm and Woody try to relive the drive-in movie experiences they recall from their youth. Sam puts Gus in charge of the bar for a night. (S11 Ep18/29) [S]Tue, Jul 23, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersThe Bar Manager, the Shrink, His Wife and Her Lover: As Frasier tries to seduce Rebecca, Lilith returns unexpectedly and interrupts them, then demands some answers from Sam. (S11 Ep17/29) [S]Mon, Jul 22, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersIs There a Doctor in the Howe?: Frasier is plunged into misery when he receives a request from Lilith to start divorce proceedings, so the gang try to keep his spirits up. (S11 Ep16/29) [S]Mon, Jul 22, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersLoathe and Marriage: Carla's daughter Serafina announces that she has to get married because she's expecting a baby, and wants her father to walk her down the aisle. (S11 Ep15/29) [S]Fri, Jul 19, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersIt's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Bar: Robin Colcord returns to Cheers claiming to be destitute but implies that he has hidden a stash of money somewhere on the premises. (S11 Ep14/29) [S]Fri, Jul 19, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersNorm's Big Audit: Sam panics when the gang try to watch one of his old baseball games. Investigated by the tax authorities, Norm flirts with an official to avoid an audit. (S11 Ep13/29) [S]Thu, Jul 18, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersSunday Dinner: Cliff and Norm are hired to make a video recording of a family celebration at the bar. Frasier is invited to Sunday dinner with Shauna, his temporary secretary. (S11 Ep12/29) [S]Thu, Jul 18, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersLove Me, Love My Car: When Sam hears the friend who bought his beloved car has died, he plots and schemes to get it back. Rebecca takes to Woody and Kelly's pet pig. (S11 Ep11/29) [S]Wed, Jul 17, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersDaddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl: Rebecca's father tries to persuade her to move back into the family home in San Diego. Woody and Kelly can't agree about where to live. (S11 Ep10/29) [S]Wed, Jul 17, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersFeelings... Whoa, Whoa, Whoa: Carla's love-hate relationship with John Hill gets out of hand when a passionate encounter gives him a heart attack. Cliff gets a new neighbour. (S11 Ep9/29) [S]Tue, Jul 16, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersIll-Gotten Gaines: Woody has Thanksgiving dinner with Kelly's family and realises his father-in-law is having an affair. The rest of the gang gathers at Cheers to celebrate. (S11 Ep8/29) [S]Tue, Jul 16, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersThe Girl in the Plastic Bubble: Frasier climbs out onto a high window ledge in protest when Lilith reveals she intends to spend a year sealed in a biosphere with her lover. (S11 Ep7/29) [S]Mon, Jul 15, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersTeaching with the Enemy: Lilith tells Frasier she's been having an affair with a colleague. Sam has to hire a bouncer when patrons of a biker bar start drinking at Cheers. (S11 Ep6/29) [S]Mon, Jul 15, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersDo Not Forsake Me, O My Postman: Cliff's old girlfriend Maggie returns to Cheers, heavily pregnant, claiming that the baby is his. Rebecca wants a jingle to advertise the bar. (S11 Ep5/29) [S]Fri, Jul 12, 6:45 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersThe King of Beers: Norm can't believe his luck when he is offered a job as a beer taster in a brewery. A slot machine is sent to the bar and Rebecca gets hooked on playing it. (S11 Ep3/29) [S]Thu, Jul 11, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersThe Beer Is Always Greener: As Cheers is being redecorated after the fire, Norm, Cliff and the regulars are seduced by another bar. Is Woody and Kelly's marriage on the rocks? (S11 Ep2/29) [S]Thu, Jul 11, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersThe Little Match Girl: Rebecca accidentally sets fire to the bar with a discarded cigarette end. Plagued by guilt, she lies to Sam, telling him that faulty wiring is to blame. (S11 Ep1/29) [S]Wed, Jul 10, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersAn Old-Fashioned Wedding Part 2: Woody and Kelly put on a brave face as their big day is hit by disasters involving the guests, the priest, the kitchen staff and the cake. (S10 Ep26/26) [S]Wed, Jul 10, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersAn Old-Fashioned Wedding Part 1: Kelly and Woody fight the desire to consummate their marriage before the ceremony. Carla predicts that the big day will be marred by disaster. (S10 Ep25/26)Tue, Jul 9, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersHeeeeeere's Cliffy!: Norm tricks Cliff into believing that one of his jokes is going to be used on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Sam and Woody install a satellite dish. (S10 Ep24/26) [S]Tue, Jul 9, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersBar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real: The new owner of Gary's Old Town Tavern reacts badly to the latest prank by the gang, but is he really the dangerous character he seems? (S10 Ep23/26) [S]Mon, Jul 8, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersRebecca's Lover... Not: Rebecca's first boyfriend visits Boston, but she's unaware of the changes in his life. Sam starts a support group for people with stolen sports cars. (S10 Ep22/26) [S]Mon, Jul 8, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersTake Me Out of the Ball Game: Sam returns to playing baseball but finds the other players much younger and less mature than he is. Frasier loses Lilith's favourite lab rat. (S10 Ep21/26) [S]Fri, Jul 5, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersSmotherly Love: Rebecca tries to persuade Sam to make Norm pay his bar tab after Norm has a big win on a bet. Frasier wants Lilith to confront her overbearing mother Betty. (S10 Ep20/26) [S]Fri, Jul 5, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersRich Man, Wood Man: The gang step in when Woody returns a changed man from an all-expenses-paid holiday with his rich girlfriend Kelly. Frasier decides to get in shape. (S10 Ep19/26) [S]Thu, Jul 4, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersLicense to Hill: Rebecca insists she can run the bar while Sam plays poker, but her management skills crumble when she realises she let the licence to serve alcohol expire. (S10 Ep18/26) [S]Thu, Jul 4, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersA Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff: Woody's cousin Russell, a talented pianist, arrives in town. Rebecca hires him to play at the bar, but he falls in love with her. (S10 Ep17/26) [S]Wed, Jul 3, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersOne Hugs, the Other Doesn't: A performance by children's entertainer Nanny Gee in honour of Frederick's second birthday helps to shed some light on Frasier's romantic past. (S10 Ep16/26) [S]Wed, Jul 3, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersMy Son, the Father: Carla makes the most of her son's decision to become a priest. Sam aims to get even with John Hill after breaking a tooth on his restaurant's crab salad. (S10 Ep15/26) [S]Tue, Jul 2, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersNo Rest for the Woody: Woody takes a second job to pay for Kelly's engagement ring, but after days of back-to-back shifts with virtually no sleep he starts hallucinating. (S10 Ep14/26) [S]Tue, Jul 2, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersDon't Shoot... I'm Only the Psychiatrist: Frasier brings a group of patients suffering from low self-esteem to the bar so that they can experience a regular social situation. (S10 Ep13/26) [S]Mon, Jul 1, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersGo Mate: Rebecca and Sam take advantage of a quiet weekend in a hotel to ponder their plans for parenthood, leaving the gang at the bar seeking a way to beat the winter blues. (S10 Ep12/26) [S]Mon, Jul 1, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersI'm Okay, You're Defective: Sam is horrified when, after six pregnancy-free months with Rebecca, she suggests they see a fertility specialist. Frasier and Lilith make wills. (S10 Ep11/26) [S]Fri, Jun 28, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersA Fine French Whine: Henri plans to take Kelly away from Woody by pretending that he is to be deported and persuading Kelly to marry him so he can stay in the United States. (S10 Ep10/26) [S]Fri, Jun 28, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins
CheersHead Over Hill: Sam has yet another disagreement with restaurant owner John Hill and appoints Carla to deal with him, but instead of exacting severe revenge, she falls for him. (S10 Ep9/26) [S]Thu, Jun 27, 6:55 AMChannel 425 mins
CheersWhere Have All the Floorboards Gone?: The gang are racked with guilt when their sporting hero loses his form after developing an obsession with Norm and Cliff's bar trivia. (S10 Ep8/26) [S]Thu, Jun 27, 6:25 AMChannel 430 mins