CrashingIn the final episode of the comedy series, Anthony and Lulu search for Kate, but does Kate want to be found? and Sam's life begins to unravel as he lashes out at those close to him. (Ep6/6) [AD,S]Mon, Feb 15, 10:00 PMChannel 435 mins
CrashingAnthony helps Lulu to register as a Property Guardian - but first they need some unconventional assistance from Lulu's eccentric Great Aunt Gladys (Kathy Burke). (Ep4/6) [AD,S]Mon, Feb 1, 10:00 PMChannel 435 mins
CrashingThe resident curry chef Anthony lays on an evening of deliciously spicy delights - but as the meal descends into chaos, it's not just the curry that ends up on the floor. (Ep3/6) [AD,S]Mon, Jan 25, 10:00 PMChannel 435 mins
CrashingA new comedy about the lives of six twenty-somethings living together as property guardians in a disused hospital. An unexpected guest threatens to spoil Sam's birthday party. (Ep1/6) [AD,S]Mon, Jan 11, 10:00 PMChannel 435 mins