Deutschland 83



Deutschland 83Able Archer: In the feature-length finale, as the threat of a nuclear war continues to escalate, Moritz must do everything in his power to prevent a catastrophe. In German/subs. (Ep7/7) [AD,S]Sun, Feb 14, 9:00 PMChannel 4105 mins
Deutschland 83Brandy Station: Schweppenstette visits Martin in hospital and insists he returns to his undercover role as Moritz. Alex takes General Jackson hostage at gunpoint. In German/subs. (Ep6/8) [AD,S]Sun, Feb 7, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Deutschland 83Cold Fire: Tischbier conveys some shocking news. On his way home to become a kidney donor for his mother, Moritz first delivers a package to a man in West Berlin. In German/subs. (Ep5/8) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 31, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Deutschland 83Northern Wedding: The bug in Linda's desk is found and Nato goes on high alert. Moritz is forced to recognise the dark reality of the organisation he's working for. In German/subs. (Ep4/8) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 24, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Deutschland 83Atlantic Lion: Moritz bonds with General Edel and gets a mission to seduce the secretary of a top security analyst and install a microphone in a desk at Nato HQ. In German/subs. (Ep3/8) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 17, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Deutschland 83Brave Guy: Moritz is given a dangerous mission to steal a top secret security report, but things don't go to plan and his superiors are baffled by the secret file. In German/subs. (Ep2/8) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 10, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Deutschland 83Quantum Jump: Drama series set in 1983. An East German soldier is hand-picked from the army and forced to become a spy, gathering military intelligence in the West. In German/subs. (Ep1/8) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 3, 9:00 PMChannel 460 mins