Dogs: Their Secret Lives



Dogs: Their Secret LivesIn this live, interactive programme, Mark Evans and a panel of dog behaviourists reveal the results of the survey launched in Dogs: Their Secret Lives to help improve canine contentment. [S]Wed, Mar 8, 2:20 AMChannel 455 mins
Dogs: Their Secret LivesMan's best friend is spending more time home alone. In this updated documentary, Mark Evans examines what our dogs get up to while we're out, and how to keep them happy in the modern home. [S]Mon, Jul 18, 2:05 AMChannel 455 mins
Dogs: Their Secret LivesMark Evans investigates canine mental health, from compulsive behaviour to chronic fears and traffic-chasing. What can we do to help dogs with mental health issues? [AD,S]Mon, Jul 11, 1:55 AMChannel 455 mins