ExperimentalCan Buddy ski down an escalator or use a vacuum-powered climbing kit to scale the walls of an underground theatre? Plus: Tim refines the art of rolling downhill in a tractor tyre. (Ep6/6) [S]Sun, Oct 28, 1:45 AMChannel 455 mins
ExperimentalMaverick engineer Tim and daredevil Buddy test more laws of science in extreme stunts. Can they build a world-beating powered swivel chair? Plus: human arrows and huge free-falls. (Ep5/6) [S]Sun, Oct 21, 1:25 AMChannel 455 mins
ExperimentalBuddy tries to set a shovel racing speed record. And can Tim and Buddy fire a ball from a fast-moving bus, bounce it off a wall and catch it, back on the bus, like Borussia Dortmund? (Ep4) [S]Sun, Oct 14, 1:45 AMChannel 455 mins
ExperimentalDaredevil Buddy Munro straps on his water skis and attempts to hitch a ride behind a high-speed ferry. And can science help with Racing the Tube and riding the fire hose rodeo? (Ep3) [S]Sun, Oct 7, 1:05 AMChannel 455 mins
ExperimentalUnruly engineer Tim Shaw makes a steerable hoverboard for daredevil Buddy Munro to test in a quarry. Plus ramps, jet-powered uphill skiing and doing the splits on two forklift trucks. (Ep2) [S]Sun, Sep 30, 1:35 AMChannel 455 mins
ExperimentalUnruly engineer Tim Shaw wants to uncover the scientific truth behind the incredible, funny and thrilling stunts on the web, so he and daredevil Buddy Munro set out to recreate them. (Ep1) [S]Sun, Sep 23, 2:00 AMChannel 455 mins