Four Rooms



Four RoomsCan members of the public tempt the dealers with rare Noddy books, a rocking chair fashioned from fish, a 1950s saxophone, some Lichtenstein pop art, or the Spice Girls' bus? [S]Sat, Apr 20, 3:15 AMChannel 455 mins
Four RoomsThe dealers bid for an Andy Warhol artwork, an antique Indian pendant, a neon sign with bling appeal, Maurice Chevalier's grand piano and an Oasis Brit Award. [S]Mon, Apr 15, 1:40 AMChannel 450 mins
Four RoomsThe dealers bid for a dress created by Marilyn Monroe's favourite designer, Australian Aboriginal weaponry, racing gloves worn by Princess Diana, signed snooker balls and more. (Ep12) [S]Sat, Apr 13, 2:50 AMChannel 455 mins
Four RoomsThe dealers bid for Jackie Kennedy's maternity dress, a giant automaton, a precious piece of Arts and Crafts silverware, an original spacecraft model from Blake's 7 and more. [S]Fri, Apr 12, 3:20 AMChannel 455 mins
Four RoomsThe dealers bid for Reggie Kray's prison paintings, Elvis's army cap, rare wartime casting books of British film stars, a seductive chaise longue and Oasis stage memorabilia. (Ep10) [S]Sat, Apr 6, 2:15 AMChannel 455 mins
Four RoomsWill the dealers make big offers for a screen-worn James Bond shirt, a World Cup 1966 programme, star-signed ballet shoes, vintage movie posters and designer chairs? (Ep8) [S]Wed, Apr 3, 2:10 AMChannel 455 mins