Gap Year



Gap YearNepal - The End: Dylan is taken to a Buddhist monastery after meeting the vengeful travel writer he impersonated, while Ashley and Sean confront their feelings. (Ep8/8) [AD,S]Tue, Apr 18, 2:20 AMChannel 455 mins
Gap YearPenang - The Shoot: The gang sign up to be extras in a Malaysian zombie movie. And things get explosive between the love triangle of Sean, Ashley and Dylan. (Ep7/8) [AD,S]Tue, Apr 11, 1:45 AMChannel 450 mins
Gap YearKuala Lumpur - The Expats: The gang head to Kuala Lumpur to visit Greg's old school friend Jotty. May's decision to sow her wild oats backfires. (Ep6/8) [AD,S]Tue, Apr 4, 1:45 AMChannel 450 mins
Gap YearMalaysia - The Trek: Tensions are bubbling over when the gang get lost on a jungle trek. Some truths are revealed, and Greg gets bitten by a tick. (Ep5/8) [AD,S]Tue, Mar 28, 12:50 AMChannel 450 mins
Gap YearThailand - The Full Moon: Greg leads the gang to a legendary Full Moon Party in Thailand, but an unexpected face from the past threatens to ruin everyone's fun. (Ep4/8) [AD,S]Mon, Mar 20, 11:55 PMChannel 455 mins
Gap YearChina - The Wedding: As Tom Basden's comedy drama continues, May has to go to a cousin's wedding in Hangzhou, and Ashley insists that Greg and Dylan tag along. (Ep2/8) [AD,S]Mon, Mar 6, 11:50 PMChannel 455 mins