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New: George Clarke's Amazing......Spaces: George rediscovers the most ingenious vehicle projects he's seen, including a helicopter, a camper van and the cockpit of a passenger jet.Sun, Aug 18, 7:00 PMChannel 460 mins
New: George Clarke's Amazing......Spaces: George reviews his global search for the world's most ingenious small-space builds, from Japan to Norway and New Zealand, and from minimalist glass cabins to an epic beach house. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 11, 7:00 PMChannel 460 mins
George Clarke's Amazing......Caravans & Campervans: A look at some innovative and eccentric builds, from a tiny Italian tuk-tuk camper van to an Airstream party pad and a trailer caravan clad in old CDs. (Ep2/4) [AD,S]Wed, Mar 20, 2:10 AMChannel 455 mins