Hollyoaks Omnibus



Hollyoaks OmnibusMercedes makes a heart-breaking discovery, and she and Liam take a joyride in Harry's car. Sinead suspects Laurie didn't go to his anger management session. [AD,S,SL]Sun, May 19, 2:35 AMChannel 4120 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusMaxine takes drastic action to protect her secret, while Tony is forced to consider a new business idea, and a new arrival at Hollyoaks High could cause problems for Imran. [AD,S,SL]Sun, May 12, 1:00 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLiam gives Prince some dangerous advice, which leads Prince to seek revenge for Lily's death. Diane breaks down in Price Slice, and Jonny convinces Ste not to go to Lily's funeral. [AD,S,SL]Sun, May 5, 1:05 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLaurie's future at Hollyoaks High could be in jeopardy, while Sinead makes a shocking discovery about his past. Jonny takes Peri and Ste on a day out, but the day takes a dark turn. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Apr 28, 2:55 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusBefore Juliet can tell Darren how she truly feels about him, his girlfriend Mandy goes into labour. Sylver tries to distract Prince from his heartbreak, while Darren orders a DNA kit. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Apr 21, 2:30 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLily breaks down and is transferred to a mental health hospital. James is determined to find Mac's killer, while Romeo goes on the run, but not before saying a final farewell to Lily. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Apr 14, 1:55 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLaurie makes Sienna uncomfortable while they're on a school camping trip. Liberty and Sami host an awkward dinner for Sinead and Brody, and Liberty gets the wrong end of the stick. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Apr 7, 1:45 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusThe McQueens prepare for their double wedding, but Liam is still blackmailing Mercedes. And on the day of the wedding, Myra spots an unwanted face at the event. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Mar 31, 3:55 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusSylver receives a mysterious gift while celebrating his birthday. Breda breaks into the Cunninghams' house and makes a decision about Mac's proposal. Lily makes a choice about her marriage. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Mar 24, 2:45 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLiam does Mercedes a favour, but what does he want in return? Cracks appear in Sally and Myra's wedding plans, while Ste is on a path of destruction, but can Jonny save him? [AD,S,SL]Sun, Mar 17, 1:35 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusDarren has no idea that he is Juliet's forbidden crush, while Brooke is determined to put a stop to Juliet's infatuation. And Romeo takes drastic measures to prove a point to Lily. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Mar 10, 2:50 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusRomeo hopes to enlighten Juliet about the evil Mac. Sylver meets his birth mother, despite Breda's interference. Mandy desperately tries to get in touch with Darren. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Mar 3, 2:45 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusHollyoaks High hosts an 'inspiration' fundraising ball, but one resident crashes the party and Misbah discovers a shocking meme has been posted on social media that labels her a killer. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Feb 24, 2:45 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLiam makes false accusations and a fight breaks out, resulting in someone being shot. Sinead is convinced that Laurie is cheating. Liberty discovers a surprising secret from Sami's past. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Feb 17, 2:10 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusMandy and Darren face a big decision about their unborn baby. Juliet has an inappropriate new crush. Joel tries to talk sense into Mercedes, and Liam loses his cool when his car is stolen. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Feb 10, 1:30 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusTerry is making Ste's life hell. Nancy starts an unexpected romance. Cindy is back and ready to reclaim her house, while Juliet's birthday ends in tears. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Feb 3, 2:05 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusSimone is on the warpath as she turns up at Breda's farm, while Louis, who is being held hostage inside, manages to break free. Ste agrees to help his stepdad if it means he will leave. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jan 27, 2:45 AMChannel 4135 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusImran tries to win back ex-girlfriend Brooke, but little does he know she fancies his best friend. Mercedes is nowhere to be found after a wild night out. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jan 20, 2:00 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusImran tries to win back Brooke. Mercedes is nowhere to be found after a wild night, and Grace and Lisa go on a hunt for a hooded bandit. A suspicious Sinead looks through Jonny's wallet. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jan 13, 2:05 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusOn NYE, Maxine, Sienna and Liberty get the party started. Harry returns, on a mission to win back James, Romeo causes chaos for Yazz, and Darren convinces Ollie to return to football. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jan 6, 2:05 AMChannel 4120 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLeela is excited to be getting married, but Louis still has his ex-wife on his mind. Yazz causes trouble for Ste, and on the Big Day, Louis's secrets start to unravel for all to see. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Dec 30, 2:35 AMChannel 480 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusSinead pitches an idea for the nativity play, Donna-Marie takes centre stage for a big announcement, and Grace forces Liam to celebrate Christmas with his family. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Dec 23, 2:00 AMChannel 4155 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusPrince has an ultrasound appointment but lies to Lily about where he is. Romeo tells Lily that Prince is having an affair, Jessie is kidnapped, and Brody gets news about his case. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Dec 16, 2:40 AMChannel 4135 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusCindy is back, and is horrified to discover her house has been taken over by Donna-Marie. Darren and Nancy continue their custody battle, and Sienna loses control in the classroom. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Dec 9, 2:25 AMChannel 4135 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusIt's Tegan's funeral and Ste has war on his mind. Tony is not impressed that Diane has invited Sinead, Laurie and Hannah to live in their flat, and Yazz has a shocking confession to make. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Dec 2, 2:20 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLily wants to spend the day with Prince, but he keeps acting strangely. Damon tries to play matchmaker, James vows to be a better dad, and Misbah worries about Ste's accusations. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Nov 25, 2:20 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusHarley tells Peri that she's quit school, Lisa Loveday returns, and Courtney meets with social services about Iona. On her wedding day, Mercedes reminisces about her failed marriages. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Nov 18, 1:45 AMChannel 4155 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusDarren goes against Mandy's wishes, and the WAGs call Kim to talk some sense into Maxine. Peri and Harley ditch school for the day, and Russ buys Mercedes a necklace. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Nov 11, 3:20 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusOllie receives Buster's plea hearing letter, Darren decides to move out, and Sienna breaks into a classroom. Brooke tries to cheer Ollie up, and Liam is still suspicious of the WAGs.Sun, Nov 4, 2:10 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusIt's Ste and Harry's wedding day, and James is using Romeo to help him expose his affair with Harry. The violent storm has caused a structural collapse, putting several lives in danger. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Oct 28, 1:40 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusGrace puts her plan into action to get rid of Glenn, and the WAGs celebrate. Joel pays Father Marcus a visit, while Donna Marie turns up at Prince and Lily's flat asking for money. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Oct 21, 2:20 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLeela is excited to have Louis back, but he's struggling to keep his three women secret. Nana and Goldie take over the double wedding plans for Mercedes and Cleo. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Oct 14, 2:40 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusNancy is on a mission to tear Darren and Mandy apart; Romeo comes face to face with his dad; Sienna invites Liberty to move in with her; and Brody uses Damon's ID to visit Buster in prison. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Oct 7, 2:00 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusBrody and Damon are shocked to find out who now owns The Dog. Nancy and Darren are making plans to see if they can foster Brooke. Ollie is furious that Luke is contemplating drinking again. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Sep 30, 2:30 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusMisbah wants to prove to Auntie Kameela that their family isn't a shambles. Cindy has an unwelcome house guest, and James is disturbed to find out that Mac is back in the village. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Sep 23, 2:55 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusHollyoaks High is re-opening and Breda has written a school application for Harley against her wishes. Russ is disturbed by the number of Mercedes' partners who have died. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Sep 16, 3:05 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusScott offers to help Diane prepare for Ollie's leaving party, Darren decides to call things off with Mandy, and Glenn returns to the village. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Sep 9, 1:20 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusSimone arrives at Price Slice to find it's been trashed, and Brooke suffers a sensory overload at Imran's house. Plus, will Misbah tell her doctor about the abuse she's been subjected to? [AD,S,SL]Sun, Aug 26, 2:20 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusThe McQueens arrive in Magaluf and reunite with Mercedes for her hen do, and on the day of Dirk's funeral Milo tries to prevent a camcorder message from being played. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Aug 19, 3:10 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusSte pitches to make the Lunch Box the school food supplier. Luke hides his court summons for drink driving from Mandy. Yazz tries to make Misbah see that Imran has serious anger issues. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Aug 12, 2:00 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusPrince agrees to hold more raves, while Ellie and Sami bicker over baby names. Romeo visits Lily at the hospital to cheer her up, and Harry sneaks a phone into the prison for James. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Aug 5, 3:15 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusHolly struggles with the revelation that Zack is in love with her, and Lily decides she wants to quit her job for unpaid hospital work experience. Harry visits James in prison. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jul 29, 2:40 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusNancy is in hospital after another MS attack. Alfie opens up to Yazz and they kiss. Diane and Tony decide against putting Dee Dee through a highly risky treatment. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jul 22, 3:00 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusMarnie asks Yazz for help with Alfie. Jesse lies to Courtney that he's sorted out all the bills. Zack is under Glenn's control, while Peri is trying her best to find Harley. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jul 15, 2:45 AMChannel 4125 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusJames is drunk and dishevelled with a list of names he believes are out to seek revenge against him. Tegan is finally coming home from hospital. Farrah receives her dream job offer. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jul 8, 2:15 AMChannel 4120 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusJoel focuses on Cleo's health, Holly is worried she's made a big mistake, Goldie falsely accuses Jesse, and Ollie convinces Imran to buy alcohol instead of new football boots. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jul 1, 2:15 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLuke is back on the wagon, while Nico tries to break out of her bedroom, but will Sienna catch her? Myra finds out some shocking news about Joel and blames him for Cleo's upset.Sun, Jun 24, 1:55 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusJames wants to make sure Harry is back on the straight and narrow, and Grace sets a trap to get a confession. Farrah and Grace share a moment, and the Donovans prepare for Adam's funeral. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jun 17, 1:55 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusA social worker visits the Maaliks after an allegation of abuse, and Dirk is shocked by a new arrival. Alfie experiences a crisis, and Ste is angry with Harry about their new business.Sun, Jun 10, 2:10 AMChannel 4130 mins
Hollyoaks OmnibusLeah has sold a story to a gossip magazine and Ste is furious. An old face turns up at the village making financial demands. Kyle is becoming wary about the revenge plan for James. [AD,S,SL]Sun, Jun 3, 1:05 AMChannel 4135 mins