Jimmy's Forest



Jimmy's ForestIt's winter, and the snowy forest looks magical. Jimmy Doherty tracks animal and bird footprints, discovers how insects survive the winter and watches 80,000 rooks fly to their roost. (Ep4) [AD,S]Sat, Jul 25, 3:30 PMChannel 465 mins
Jimmy's ForestIt's autumn. Jimmy Doherty meets a man who claims he can speak to owls, gets up close with a kestrel, makes ink from oak galls and discovers the natural properties of deer antlers. (Ep3) [AD,S]Sun, Jul 19, 3:50 PMChannel 465 mins
Jimmy's ForestIt's summer. Jimmy Doherty is determined to see the badgers in the sett near his treehouse. He also constructs super-sized fly paper, joins a ferreter at work and entertains druids. (Ep2) [AD,S]Sun, Jul 12, 5:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Jimmy's ForestHigh up in a spectacular tree house, Jimmy Doherty develops an intimate understanding of the inner workings of a British forest over the course of a year, starting with spring. (Ep1)Sun, Jul 5, 5:30 PMChannel 460 mins