Let's Talk About Sex



New: Let's Talk About SexA look at what old sex education videos considered 'normal' and how much has changed - from gay sex, to the roles of men and women, to body size and old-school porn. (Ep3/3) [AD,S]Fri, Apr 19, 10:00 PMChannel 465 mins
New: Let's Talk About SexThe show looks at how sex education deals with actually having sex - in often unintentionally hilarious ways - from tips on sex positions to questionable advice on contraception. (Ep2/3) [AD,S]Fri, Apr 12, 10:00 PMChannel 465 mins
Let's Talk About SexDanny Dyer explains the birds and the bees along with Miriam Margolyes, Alastair Campbell, London Hughes & Ulrika Jonsson as families watch the most outrageous sex education videos. (Ep1/3) [AD,S]Fri, Apr 5, 10:00 PMChannel 465 mins