Mike & Molly



Mike & MollyThe Bitter Man and the Sea: Mike and Molly are forced to revoke Carl's invitation to their anniversary cruise after his nasty break-up with Victoria. (S5 Ep22) [S]Mon, Oct 29, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyNear Death Do Us Part: After Carl has a near-death experience while on duty, he tells Mike he's going to propose to Victoria. But can Mike keep a secret? (S5 Ep21) [S]Mon, Oct 29, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyFight to the Finish: When Molly gets angry with Mike for not listening to her complaints about writing with Peggy, they go their separate ways for a day. (S5 Ep20) [S]Mon, Oct 29, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMother from Another Mudlick: Mike meets his Aunt Rosemary for the first time and is won over by her warmth and positive attitude as she is so different from his mother. (S5 Ep19) [S]Fri, Oct 26, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyNo Kay Morale: Peggy is thrilled when her friend Kay unexpectedly returns to town. Mike and Carl are assigned to carry out crowd control at a rally. (S5 Ep18) [S]Fri, Oct 26, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMudlick or Bust: Molly reunites Peggy with her estranged sister Rosemary when they visit Peggy's home town of Mudlick to do some research for their book. (S5 Ep17) [S]Fri, Oct 26, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyCocktails and Calamine: Molly is nervous about Mike attending a party that her publisher is throwing, but his feelings are hurt when he realises she doesn't want him to go. (S5 Ep16) [S]Thu, Oct 25, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyPie Fight: Mike is delighted when he hits a personal best weight-loss goal, but then he makes the risky decision to indulge in a slice of pie. (S5 Ep15) [S]Thu, Oct 25, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyWhat Ever Happened to Baby Peggy?: Peggy makes Molly do chores in exchange for sharing tantalising stories from her past that Molly wants to put into her second book. (S5 Ep14) [S]Thu, Oct 25, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyBuy the Book: Molly's book is available for purchase, but she worries nobody will buy it and obsessively visits the publisher's website to see if it's selling. (S5 Ep13) [S]Wed, Oct 24, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyThe World According to Peggy: Molly plans to throw a big party for Peggy after finding out that she has suddenly decided to retire from her job at the cafeteria. (S5 Ep12) [S]Wed, Oct 24, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyImmaculate Deception: Molly and Mike are over the moon when they discover that they will finally have the house to themselves for an entire weekend. (S5 Ep11) [S]Wed, Oct 24, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyCheckpoint Joyce: Mike is forced to arrest Joyce for driving under the influence of alcohol after she refuses to take a breathalyser test at a checkpoint. (S5 Ep10) [S]Tue, Oct 23, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyHack to the Future: Molly faces a creative dilemma when her publisher asks her to make a change to her book that she considers to be provocative. (S5 Ep9) [S]Tue, Oct 23, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMike Check: Molly urges Mike to go to the doctor for a check-up when she finds out that he hasn't paid a visit to the surgery for over a decade. (S5 Ep8) [S]Tue, Oct 23, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollySupport Your Local Samuel: Samuel receives a letter from his parents saying they're struggling financially and he considers moving back home to take care of them. (S5 Ep7) [S]Mon, Oct 22, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyThe Last Temptation of Mike: Mike engages in some innocent flirting with a rookie police officer named Stacey, but when she reciprocates he starts to feel guilty. (S5 Ep6) [S]Mon, Oct 22, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMolly's Neverending Story: Molly's work on numerous drafts of her book begins to annoy Mike and the rest of the family as the project never gets any closer to completion. (S5 Ep5) [S]Mon, Oct 22, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyGone Cheatin': Mike and the guys prepare for their annual fishing trip, but the dynamic changes when Carl invites Victoria along, much to Mike's dismay. (S5 Ep4) [S]Fri, Oct 19, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & Molly'Tis the Season to Be Molly: Mike assures Molly he'll be home in time for Christmas Eve dinner, but things go awry when he and Carl end up in the back of a stolen truck. (S5 Ep3) [S]Fri, Oct 19, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyTo Have and Withhold: Molly panics when she gets a bad case of writer's block because she might lose the big advance for her book if she can't cure it in a hurry. (S5 Ep2) [S]Fri, Oct 19, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyThe Book of Molly: Molly returns home after eight weeks at the writers' workshop with great news: her book is going to be published and she's getting a big advance. (S5 Ep1) [S]Thu, Oct 18, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyEight Is Enough: Molly is accepted into an elite eight-week summer workshop for writers in Iowa but faces a big decision when Mike asks her not to go. (S4 Ep20) [S]Thu, Oct 18, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyThis Old Peggy: Mike is worried about Peggy's health and asks her to see a doctor after she forgets to turn off her bath taps and the tub falls through the ceiling. (S4 Ep19) [S]Thu, Oct 18, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollySex, Lies and Helicopters: Molly catches Carl coming out of Victoria's bedroom late at night, but she is uncertain about whether or not she should tell Mike about it. (S4 Ep18) [S]Wed, Oct 17, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyMike's Manifold Destiny: Mike learns a lesson after his car breaks down and he's forced to decide whether or not to accept a loan from Carl to have it repaired. (S4 Ep17) [S]Wed, Oct 17, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMcMillan and Mom: Carl takes Mike and Samuel along on a road trip to Memphis to meet his mother when she suddenly reappears in his life after many years. (S4 Ep16) [S]Wed, Oct 17, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyThe Dice Lady Cometh: Molly aims to win some extra cash when she and the girls head to a riverboat casino for the weekend. Mike and Vince try to enjoy some college basketball. (S4 Ep15) [S]Tue, Oct 16, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyThree Girls and an Urn: Molly meets the best buddy of her dreams when Peggy's childhood friend Kay comes to town for a visit, but Peggy isn't keen on sharing. (S4 Ep14) [S]Tue, Oct 16, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyRich Man, Poor Girl: When Victoria brings home a new boyfriend called James, the entire family wonders whether she might have found 'The One' at last. (S4 Ep13) [S]Tue, Oct 16, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyOpen Mike Night: Molly offers her wisdom to Samuel, who aspires to be a stand-up comedian. And Molly's advice to Harry makes him challenge his over-protective mother. (S4 Ep12) [S]Mon, Oct 15, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyMind Over Molly: Molly grudgingly goes to see a therapist at Mike's urging, but as the sessions progress, her belief that the counselling is unnecessary is challenged. (S4 Ep11) [S]Mon, Oct 15, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyDips & Salsa: Mike asks Carl to replace him as Molly's dance partner at a salsa class, but he gets jealous when he realises that they are having way too much fun. (S4 Ep10) [S]Mon, Oct 15, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyWeekend at Peggy's: Following a dramatic argument with Joyce over money, Mike and Molly make a hasty decision to move into Mike's childhood bedroom at Peggy's house. (S4 Ep9) [S]Fri, Oct 12, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyMike & Molly's Excellent Adventure: Molly encourages Mike to embrace anything he wants in life. They try new things together, but reality sets in when it's time to pay the bill. (S4 Ep8) [S]Fri, Oct 12, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyWhat Molly Hath Wrought: Molly decides to take a break from writing her novel and accepts a job as a forklift truck driver at Vince's warehouse, with mixed results. (S4 Ep7) [S]Fri, Oct 12, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyThey Shoot Asses, Don't They?: After being shot during a robbery, Mike aims to make the most of every day and tells Carl that the time is right for him to quit the police force. (S4 Ep6) [S]Thu, Oct 11, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyCareful What You Dig For: Molly meets her literary idol, who tells her to write about things in her life she wouldn't want people to know. Mike invites his mother over for dinner. (S4 Ep3) [S]Wed, Oct 10, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyThe First and Last Ride-Along: Molly decides to launch her new career by penning a crime novel, so she goes on a ride-along with Mike and Carl in their patrol car to do research. (S4 Ep2) [S]Wed, Oct 10, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMolly Unleashed: Molly finds herself at a crossroads in her career. She makes the huge decision to give up her job as a teacher in order to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. (S4 Ep1) [S]Wed, Oct 10, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyWindy City: When Mike's mother Peggy ends her relationship with Captain Murphy, he makes Mike and Carl patrol the Renaissance Fair. Mike and Molly both make confessions. (S3 Ep20) [S]Tue, Oct 9, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollySchool Recital: Molly is so focused on directing a school recital that she doesn't realise a fellow teacher is attracted to her. Vince interests Mike in a money-making scheme. (S3 Ep19) [S]Tue, Oct 9, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMolly's Out of Town: When Molly is out of town for a conference, Mike misses her so much that he succumbs to the lure of junk food. Meanwhile, Carl hears some heart-breaking news. (S3 Ep18) [S]Tue, Oct 9, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyMike Can't Read: After learning that Joyce gave up her artistic pastimes when she became a mother, Molly decides she and Mike need to pursue new hobbies before becoming parents. (S3 Ep17) [S]Mon, Oct 8, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyParty Planners: Mike's birthday wish is to have his wife and his mother get along, but Molly and Peggy can't seem to be harmonious as they try to plan his birthday party together. (S3 Ep16) [S]Mon, Oct 8, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollySpring Break: Molly joins Victoria on a Spring Break road trip adventure to party with some old college friends. Mike pulls strings with his boss to get some overtime assignments. (S3 Ep15) [S]Mon, Oct 8, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollySt Patrick's Day: Carl and Samuel host a party, hoping that it will make them a hit with the ladies. Molly reveals juicy details about her previous St Patrick's Day excursions. (S3 Ep14) [S]Thu, Oct 4, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Mike & MollyMolly's New Shoes: After a disagreement at the shopping mall, Mike storms off, leaving Molly to enjoy some retail therapy on her own. (S3 Ep13) [S]Thu, Oct 4, 6:55 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyThe Princess and the Troll: Mike and Molly encourage Harry to take Victoria on a date. Carl convinces Samuel that the launderette is the perfect place for them to meet women. (S3 Ep12) [S]Thu, Oct 4, 6:35 AMChannel 420 mins
Mike & MollyCarl Gets a Roommate: Mike begins transforming the basement into a living area for himself and Molly, but the construction work is tricky. Carl invites Samuel to move in with him. (S3 Ep11) [S]Wed, Oct 3, 7:15 AMChannel 425 mins