Never Seen a Doctor



Never Seen a DoctorA Dartford man tries to get to grips with his manboobs while an overweight Londoner has two operations to help shed the pounds. And a mum with severe acne seeks help. (Ep3/3) [AD,S]Tue, May 23, 12:50 AMChannel 455 mins
Never Seen a DoctorKatie Piper meets a woman who's been using chewing gum to disguise her damaged front teeth and a young woman struck by a nerve condition that's paralysed the side of her face. (Ep2/3) [AD,S]Tue, May 16, 1:45 AMChannel 455 mins
Never Seen a DoctorIn this new health series, Katie Piper meets people who've been avoiding their health troubles for years. In the first episode, a Leicestershire couple act on their rotten teeth. (Ep1/3) [AD,S]Tue, May 9, 12:55 AMChannel 455 mins