Not Safe for Work



Not Safe for WorkA week after the presentation the department awaits news on its fate. Fearing the worst, Katherine seriously considers her future as a visitor arrives to turn her world upside down.(Ep6/6) [AD,S]Tue, Aug 4, 10:00 PMChannel 450 mins
Not Safe for WorkIt's the big presentation in London but Danny is still missing. Jeffries has her own issues to sort out, leaving Anthony and a stage frightened Katherine to present to the minister. (Ep5/6) [AD,S]Tue, Jul 28, 10:00 PMChannel 450 mins
Not Safe for WorkA mysterious tension between Jenny and Nathanial comes to a head as the rest of the team prepare to head off to London for the big presentation, but it's not a smooth journey... (Ep4/6) [AD,S]Tue, Jul 21, 10:00 PMChannel 450 mins
Not Safe for WorkThe minister's aide Martine arrives to pile the pressure on the Northampton team. Katherine juggles protecting Danny from himself while getting some work done. (Ep3/6) [AD,S]Tue, Jul 14, 10:00 PMChannel 450 mins