Rory Peck Awards



Rory Peck AwardsYahya Hassouna - Gaza: A Summer of War and Beyond: Flyers rain down from the sky, warning the citizens of Gaza to flee because bombing is about to begin. Filmmaker Yahya decided to stay. [S]Thu, Nov 12, 7:55 PMChannel 45 mins
Rory Peck AwardsSimon Rawles - Caged and Chained: Filmmaker Simon investigates families caging mentally-ill relatives, after a man was found having been caged for 16 years in the Philippines. [S]Wed, Nov 11, 7:55 PMChannel 45 mins
Rory Peck AwardsSalam Rizk - Syria's Rebel Advance: Filmmaker Salem secured unique access to rebel forces as they took the town of Jisr al-Shughour. Salem describes filming with jihadist factions. [S]Tue, Nov 10, 7:55 PMChannel 45 mins
Rory Peck AwardsOlivier Sarbil - Ukraine: Sounds of a Ceasefire: Filmmaker Olivier captured both sides of a supposedly quiet moment in a brutal conflict. His shots of fleeing civilians tell another story. [S]Mon, Nov 9, 7:55 PMChannel 45 mins