New: ShipmatesAfter a hard night of partying, the boys and girls wake up in Mallorca with new bed mates, big trouble, and the big vote coming at them fast. Who really is the most fun after all? (Ep5/5) [S]Sat, Aug 3, 12:05 AMChannel 455 mins
New: ShipmatesAs the group party on at several Ibiza hot spots, love brings enemies together while tearing friendships apart. And a grandad stowaway and an undercover boss get their groove on. (Ep4/5)Fri, Jul 26, 11:05 PMChannel 460 mins
New: ShipmatesIt's time for the notorious spray party as 1500 cruise passengers are drenched in champagne. But stowaways, an explosive bust-up, and too much enemy flirting rocks the boat. (Ep3/5) [S]Fri, Jul 19, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
New: ShipmatesAs the ship heads to Ibiza, Charlotte and Ed's teams battle to be voted most popular, using stowaways, networking, flirting, and blagging special gear for a notorious onboard party. (Ep2/5) [S]Fri, Jul 12, 11:05 PMChannel 460 mins
New: ShipmatesIn this new series, two teams of friends join 1500 party animals on a luxury cruise, heading for entertainment hot spots around the Med as they compete for a luxury holiday in Bali. (Ep1/5) [S]Fri, Jul 5, 11:05 PMChannel 460 mins