Shipping Wars



Shipping WarsCruisin' for a Bruisin': Jennifer Brennan has three days to get a six-layer wedding cake to a reception intact. Marc Springer wins a bid to ship a supersized vintage bus. [S]Sun, Oct 23, 6:40 AMChannel 425 mins
Shipping WarsWings, a Prayer, and a Know-It-All: Chris Hanna and Robbie Welsh transport a vintage DC-7 airplane. Roy Garber helps a community to rebuild after devastating wildfires. [S]Sun, Oct 23, 6:15 AMChannel 425 mins
Shipping WarsWheels of Misfortune: Jarrett Joyce endures the worst load of his career with a carriage that's too large for his trailer. And Jennifer Brennan needs help to load a carnival ride. [S]Sun, Oct 9, 6:00 AMChannel 420 mins
Shipping WarsThe King and His Axe: Chris Hanna and Robbie Welsh transport two pieces of music history owned by Elvis Presley, and Jarrett Joyce races to get to a restaurant opening. [S]Sun, Sep 11, 6:15 AMChannel 425 mins