Shocking Emergency Calls



Shocking Emergency CallsIn Florida, a man admits to shooting his daughter and her six children, while a Colorado woman hides in fear for her life when an intruder breaks into her home. (Ep9) [AD,S]Thu, Oct 24, 1:05 AMChannel 455 mins
Shocking Emergency CallsAs runners approach the finishing line at the 117th Boston marathon, two bombs are detonated. Dramatic 911 calls and interviews tell the traumatic story of the attack. (Ep4) [AD,S]Thu, Oct 17, 1:05 AMChannel 455 mins
Shocking Emergency CallsA beautiful September morning in Kent turns to carnage when fog suddenly hits the Sheppey Crossing, creating one of the biggest road traffic accidents in UK history. (Ep3) [AD,S]Thu, Oct 10, 12:10 AMChannel 450 mins
Shocking Emergency CallsThe horrific story of how a chimpanzee made a brutal attack that would change lives forever, plus a chilling call from an online predator. (Ep2) [AD,S]Thu, Oct 3, 12:05 AMChannel 455 mins