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When is Sleepy Hollow on?

Sleepy HollowIchabod and Abby meet an angel who may be able to help them in the aftermath of their showdown with Moloch. Meanwhile, Katrina isn't ready to give up on Abraham. (S2 Ep 12)Mon, Jan 21, 1:30 AMParamount Network55 mins
Sleepy HollowWhen Ichabod travels to the Freemasons' headquarters to discuss their plans, he finds them all beheaded and realises that the Horseman is searching for his head. (S1 Ep 7)[S]Wed, Jan 23, 12:50 AMParamount Network55 mins
Sleepy HollowDrama series. Having captured the Horseman, Abbie and Ichabod ask Deputy Andy Brooks to help interrogate him. Brooks agrees, but has a warning for them. (S1 Ep 8)[S]Wed, Jan 23, 1:45 AMParamount Network55 mins


Sleepy Hollow(2000) Supernatural mystery. Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci star in Tim Burton's blood-curdling Gothic tale of a headless horseman who aims to decapitate a village's residents. Violence. [S]Sun, Jan 29, 11:00 PMChannel 4120 mins