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When is Sleepy Hollow on?

Sleepy HollowDrama series. A missing persons case leads Crane and Abbie to a colonial-era house which holds secrets from Ichabod's past... and unleashes a dormant evil. (S1 Ep 9)[S]Mon, May 27, 3:35 AMParamount Network50 mins
Sleepy HollowHenry Parrish, Ichabod and Abbie search to find the Golem that was summoned by Ichabod's son Jeremy as a means of protection against his abusive pastors. (S1 Ep 10)[S]Mon, May 27, 4:25 AMParamount Network45 mins
Sleepy HollowCapt. Irving turns to Crane and Mills for help when evil forces target his daughter; a frightening chapter of Jenny's past is exposed. (S1 Ep. 11)[S]Thu, May 30, 12:50 AMParamount Network60 mins
Sleepy HollowHorror starring Olivia Hussey and John Ritter. Evil clown Pennywise must be destroyed, but the gang has to go down into the sewers to confront him. (1990)[S]Thu, May 30, 1:50 AMParamount Network50 mins


Sleepy Hollow(2000) Supernatural mystery. Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci star in Tim Burton's blood-curdling Gothic tale of a headless horseman who aims to decapitate a village's residents. Violence. [S]Sun, Jan 29, 11:00 PMChannel 4120 mins