SpacedEnds: Tim and Daisy's domestic bliss is threatened when Tim's ex-girlfriend reappears and wants to get back together with him. (S1 Ep7/7) [AD,S]Sat, May 9, 2:00 AMChannel 430 mins
SpacedEpiphanies: Tensions are running high, as Tim and Daisy are bickering, while Mike's rambling club don't want him any more. Could a night of hedonism sort everything out? (S1 Ep6/7) [AD,S]Sat, May 9, 1:35 AMChannel 425 mins
SpacedChaos: Daisy is in love with her new dog, Colin, making Tim jealous. But while out on a walk with Tim, Colin is kidnapped by an evil vivisectionist, and Tim must rescue the dog. (S1 Ep5/7) [AD,S]Sat, May 9, 1:05 AMChannel 430 mins
SpacedBattles: Daisy receives some bad news from her boyfriend and decides to brighten her life by getting a dog. Meanwhile, Tim has a date with destiny as he and Mike go paintballing. (S1 Ep4/7) [AD,S]Sat, May 9, 12:40 AMChannel 425 mins
SpacedArt: Daisy's world is rocked by the prospect of employment. Brian is shaken by the appearance of a bizarre figure from his theatrical past. Tim is plagued by the living dead. (S1 Ep3/7) [AD,S]Sat, May 9, 12:10 AMChannel 430 mins
SpacedGatherings: Having finally tackled the task of unpacking, and faced with the prospect of having to do some work, Daisy persuades Tim to throw a house-warming party. (S1 Ep2/7) [AD,S]Fri, May 8, 11:40 PMChannel 430 mins
SpacedBeginnings: A chance to see series one of the cult sitcom. Tim (Simon Pegg) is a broken-hearted skateboarder, Daisy a directionless wannabe journalist. Both need a place to live. (S1 Ep1/7) [AD,S]Fri, May 8, 11:05 PMChannel 435 mins