Tattoo Fixers



Tattoo FixersNathan wants to banish his bad luck back tatt, Ollie's wheezy Magaluf inking is sent into orbit and Alice gives Taylia a matching tattoo in honour of her sister. (S3 Ep15) [AD,S,SL]Tue, May 2, 12:05 AMChannel 455 mins
Tattoo FixersJames needs some landscaping over his stickman, Nicole wants her laddish tatt to be given a girly makeover, and George requires help before he gets detention. (S3 Ep14) [AD,S,SL]Tue, Apr 25, 12:10 AMChannel 455 mins
Tattoo FixersEmma needs Jay's help with a warning sign. Sketch rescues Michael after his Taylor Swift tatt got him into trouble. Alice helps Louise with her eye-popping ink. (S3 Ep13) [AD,S,SL]Tue, Apr 18, 12:30 AMChannel 455 mins
Tattoo FixersTony's bored with being the butt of the joke. Nathan's tattoo has left him with egg on his face - and knee. Jenny gets a permanent reminder of her best pri-mate. (S3 Ep12) [AD,S,SL]Tue, Apr 11, 12:50 AMChannel 455 mins
Tattoo FixersJay covers Jack's nickname tatt and gives Harry John a moving memorial to his sister. Sketch sweeps away Mark's cobwebs and dismisses Deborah's dodgy portrait. (S3 Ep11) [AD,S,SL]Tue, Apr 4, 12:50 AMChannel 455 mins
Tattoo FixersAlice helps rid Sammie of an unladylike error, Sketch erases Lloyd's misunderstood etching, and Jay tackles martial arts fan Jimmy's naughty nod to Chuck Norris. (S3 Ep10) [AD,S]Mon, Mar 27, 10:50 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersAlice paints over Francesca's pitiful Picasso, Sketch gives Madison a sci-fi inspired memorial to her mum, and Jay helps Ryan deflate his filthy Bangkok balloon. (S3 Ep9) [AD,S]Mon, Mar 20, 10:50 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch meets Billy, whose habit of tattooing himself to impress the ladies has got out of hand, and a transgender man wanting to replace a feminine tattoo. (S3 Ep7) [AD,S]Mon, Mar 6, 10:50 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersBelieber Nathan decides it's time for Sketch to rid him of his embarrassing fan tattoo, and Jay tackles a 'bad' tattoo of his idol. (S3 Ep6) [AD,S]Mon, Feb 6, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch meets Amber, whose love of soaps has gone a step too far, Alice helps cancer survivor Linsey reclaim her body, while Jay does a cover for prankster Chris. (S3 Ep5) [AD,S]Mon, Jan 30, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch is visited by John, an extra-terrestrial enthusiast whose tattoo is on another planet. Jay works on Alec, who made a big mistake with a tiny inking. (S3 Ep4) [AD,S,SL]Tue, Jan 24, 12:05 AMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch mends gangster film fan Bradley's criminal Robert De Niro portrait. Alice tackles Beverley's cheeky backside blunder. Jay wipes away Bailey's Poomoji tatt. (S3 Ep2) [AD,S]Mon, Jan 9, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersThe tattooing titans return as Jay saves Luke's bacon with a polished portrait, Alice deletes Hannah's horrible hashtag and Sketch beautifies Mark's belly Buddha. (S3 Ep1) [AD,S]Mon, Jan 2, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersWill needs Lou's help covering a famous face in an intimate place. Jay assists glamour model Gigi, who has the initials of not one, but two exes on her breast. (S1 Ep9/9) [S]Tue, Nov 8, 10:50 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersHayley's cheeky cartoon tattoo is threatening to derail her wedding plans, and Mick wants to cover an X-rated inking that's causing embarrassment to his daughter. (S2 Ep15) [S]Thu, Apr 7, 11:05 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersThe artists cover Zoe's tattoo dedicated to her favourite food, Sean's lewd and lengthy leprechaun that his wife wants rid of, and Chantal's pitiful pop portrait. (S2 Ep14) [S]Thu, Mar 31, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersHarry wants a memorial tattoo dedicated to a very intimate part of himself after surviving testicular cancer. Nicole has a portrait that resembles armpit hair. (S2 Ep13) [S]Thu, Mar 24, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch helps Sian to cover a clown tattoo that's scaring the life out of anyone who sees it, while Jay has to deal with Emma's extremely intimate cat portrait. (S2 Ep12) [S]Thu, Mar 17, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch helps Jules, who is branded with the palm-print of her ex and Jay goes to work on his namesake, covering a loony toon depicting a very bad dog. (S2 Ep11) [S]Thu, Mar 10, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersScott comes in with a terrible tattoo that's taken his love for Norwich City FC too far. Jay has space-loving Dan's back with a cover that's out of this world. (S2 Ep10) [S]Thu, Mar 3, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersLadies' man Ash needs help covering an embarrassing portrait of his beloved mum. Sean wants a cover for his leg tattoo of two dogs doing what comes naturally. (S2 Ep9) [S]Mon, Feb 22, 10:50 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersEccentric dancer Marina wants a confidence-boosting tattoo cover to get her back on the podium. Identical twins Hayley and Rebecca have matching bad body art. (S2 Ep8) [S]Mon, Feb 15, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersDrag queen Devon is snared by a barbed-wire tattoo that's a painful reminder of an ex. Halloween-loving Chippy's portrait of her daughter is more than a little spooky. (S2 Ep7/15) [S]Mon, Feb 8, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersJay helps to cover paramedic Anthony's tattoo, which is putting the frighteners on his patients, while Sketch deals with Alex's drunken DIY teddy bear design. (S2 Ep6/15) [S]Mon, Feb 1, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch covers a shoddy Egyptian-themed tattoo for Ste. Dave's dragged to the studio by his son and daughter, who can't bear his obscene back-piece any longer. (S2 Ep5/15) [S]Mon, Jan 25, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersThe talented tattoo artists help the survivor of a horrific house fire who, after 20 years, wants to cover his scarring with a special Celtic knot design. (S2 Ep3/15) [S]Mon, Jan 11, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersRespectable dad Stephen wants to see the back of a crude tattoo he had done 20 years ago. Tattoo-mad ex-solider Rob's phallic self-portrait is a step too far. (S2 Ep2/15) [S]Mon, Jan 4, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersThe talented tattoo artists are back for a second series revamping the nation's embarrassing and offensive body art, starting with an unusual nipple inking. (S2 Ep1/15) [S]Mon, Dec 28, 10:35 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersJay deals with a couple who are obsessed with getting cheap tattoos on holiday. Lou sorts out Thom, who has a rude tribute to one of his friends on his rear end. (Ep7/9) [S]Tue, Dec 15, 11:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersSketch meets Gaz, who has his best friend's initials in an intimate place and wants a cover-up. And Jay gives Lady Gaga superfan Harry the portrait of his dreams. (Ep6/9) [S]Tue, Dec 8, 11:00 PMChannel 465 mins
Tattoo FixersLou helps out tomboy Lucy, who has a vulgar phrase tattooed on her leg, and Sketch gets a shock when skater boy Matt shows him a tattoo in an unsightly place. (Ep5/9) [S]Tue, Dec 1, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersThe Fixers aid Patrice with her tattoo portrait of her grandmother. Superfan Emma wants to commit to ink her love for Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. (Ep4/9) [S]Tue, Nov 24, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersGlamour model Bex wants to put her Jedward tattoo behind her. Annie hopes to fix a tattoo that, after a mid-inking disagreement, didn't turn out as she'd expected. (Ep3/9) [S]Tue, Nov 17, 10:30 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersCoronation Street super-fan Martyn visits the artists hoping to pay tribute to a soap legend, and the guys also tackle some cringe-worthy holiday ink nightmares. (Ep2/9) [S]Tue, Nov 10, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins
Tattoo FixersTalented tattoo artists transform extreme inking disasters into walking works of art, starting with Ryan's bad holiday ink and Adam's lasting reminder of his ex. (Ep1/9) [S]Tue, Nov 3, 10:35 PMChannel 460 mins