The Simpsons: Homer Day



The Simpsons: Homer DayMillion Dollar Maybe: Concluding the run of shows celebrating Homer's greatest moments. Homer wins the jackpot in the lottery, but has to keep it secret from the family. With Chris Martin. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 5:25 PMChannel 425 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayFlaming Moe's: Homer teaches Moe how to make his favourite homemade alcoholic drink, the 'Flaming Homer'. But Moe steals the recipe, and successfully reinvents the bar as 'Flaming Moe's'. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 4:55 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayAlone Again Natura-Diddily: Tragedy strikes Maude Flanders at Springfield's new race track. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 4:25 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayI Married Marge: Marge thinks she may be pregnant, inspiring Homer to reminisce about when Bart was born. To make an honest woman of Marge, Homer married her at Shotgun Pete's. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 3:55 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayThe Seemingly Never-Ending Story: When they are trapped in a cave, Lisa tells Homer about a day she spent with Mr Burns after she was chased into his mansion by a goat. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 3:25 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayOh Brother, Where Art Thou?: Homer discovers his long-lost brother Herb, a millionaire car company owner. But all does not go well when Herb asks Homer to design a car. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 2:55 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayBeyond Blunderdome: When Homer criticises Mel Gibson's remake of Mr Smith Goes to Washington at a test screening, Mel hires Homer to help him rewrite it. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 2:25 PMChannel 430 mins
The Simpsons: Homer DayColonel Homer: The first of eight episodes celebrating Homer's greatest moments. Marge grows jealous when Homer becomes the manager of beautiful country and western singer. [AD,S]Sun, Aug 7, 2:00 PMChannel 425 mins