The State



The StateThe final part of the drama. Jalal and Shakira's disillusionment with the brutality of life under Isis is complete and they decide to risk their own lives to help others get out. (Ep4/4) [AD,S]Sat, Sep 16, 3:05 AMChannel 455 mins
The StateThe penultimate episode. As Ziyaad and Ushna are drawn deeper into Isis's hold, a brutal beating and a Yazidi slave market force Shakira and Jalal to question their beliefs. (Ep3/4) [AD,S]Sun, Sep 10, 2:20 AMChannel 455 mins
The StateThe powerful drama continues. The recruits are forced to reflect on their new life in The State, faced with frontline battle, a barrel bomb attack and severe restrictions on women. (Ep2/4) [AD,S]Sat, Sep 2, 2:40 AMChannel 460 mins
The StatePowerful new drama about four young British Isis recruits who are excited to begin their new lives in Syria, but are soon confronted with the harsh realities of life in The State. (Ep1/4) [AD,S]Sat, Aug 26, 1:45 AMChannel 455 mins