Tin Star



Tin StarMy Love Is Vengeance: As Jack pursues his need for vengeance, Angela is confronted by his brutality, but will they realise the fresh danger that Whitey could pose to Anna? (S1 Ep10/10) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 20, 10:55 PMChannel 460 mins
Tin StarFortunate Boy: Ten years before events in Little Big Bear, undercover officer Jack Devlin embarks on a difficult, perilous mission in the UK that will have tragic repercussions. (S1 Ep9/10) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 13, 11:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Tin StarThis Be the Verse: Anna finds herself alone on the outskirts of town, facing a dangerous new threat. Mrs Bradshaw makes a life-or-death decision and looks to an unlikely ally. (S1 Ep8/10) [AD,S]Sun, Jan 6, 11:00 PMChannel 460 mins
Tin StarExposure: When a body is discovered just outside town, Jim is forced to account for actions he can't recall. Mrs Bradshaw makes a dangerous journey and a startling discovery. (S1 Ep7/10) [AD,S]Sun, Dec 30, 11:00 PMChannel 465 mins
Tin StarCuckoo: Whitey targets Angela and Anna, Jim makes a bold decision to protect his family but fails to see a new threat, and Mrs Bradshaw confronts Gagnon about his real agenda. (S1 Ep6/10) [AD,S]Sun, Dec 23, 11:05 PMChannel 465 mins
Tin StarBait: Rejected by his family, Jim has turned to drink and now a cunning and dangerous side of his personality has emerged. Angela takes her family's safety into her own hands. (S1 Ep5/10) [AD,S]Sun, Dec 16, 10:00 PMChannel 455 mins
Tin StarJack: The Worth family must reunite to say farewell to a loved one. Mrs Bradshaw faces a difficult decision after learning a damaging story is going to headline in the press. (S1 Ep4/10) [AD,S]Sun, Dec 9, 10:00 PMChannel 455 mins
Tin StarComfort of Strangers: Jim's daughter Anna is missing and he fears the worst. Has someone abducted her, or has the killer struck again? Whitey aims to tidy up some evidence. (S1 Ep3/10) [AD,S]Sun, Dec 2, 10:00 PMChannel 455 mins
Tin StarThe Kid: Tragedy hits the Worths, and Jim has to hold things together for his family because the perpetrators are still out there, waiting for the chance to strike again. (S1 Ep2/10) [AD,S]Sun, Nov 25, 10:00 PMChannel 455 mins
Tin StarFun and (S)laughter: Drama series telling a tale of corruption, murder, grief and revenge, set in a remote Canadian mountain town, starring Tim Roth as police chief Jim Worth. (S1 Ep1/10) [AD,S]Sun, Nov 18, 10:00 PMChannel 460 mins