Toast of London



Toast of LondonBob a Job: With the promise of a potential role in Kevin Spacey's House of Cards, Toast (Matt Berry) takes part in a Royal Variety Performance hosted by Bob Monkhouse. (S3 Ep4/6) [AD,S,SL]Sat, Apr 16, 3:00 AMChannel 430 mins
Toast of LondonHamm on Toast: Toast (Matt Berry) experiences the charisma of Mad Men star Jon Hamm. And Toast and his brother visit their dying father - guest Brian Blessed - in his castle. (S3 Ep3/6) [AD,S,SL]Sat, Apr 16, 2:30 AMChannel 430 mins
Toast of LondonBeauty Calls: Toast's romance with a weather girl is thrown into jeopardy when he and Ed are asked to judge an international beauty contest. Guest star Paul Whitehouse. (S3 Ep2/6) [AD,S,SL]Sat, Apr 9, 3:45 AMChannel 430 mins
Toast of LondonThe award-winning comedy with Matt Berry. Live on chat show Lorraine, Toast tells a tale that could not only topple the US government but also destroy the entire world. (S3 Ep1/6) [AD,S,SL]Sat, Apr 9, 3:20 AMChannel 425 mins