Undercover Boss Australia



Undercover Boss AustraliaScott Hutchinson, Chairman of Hutchinson Builders, a construction company founded by his great grandfather in 1912, leaves his headquarters in Brisbane to go undercover in his own firm. [S]Tue, May 14, 1:55 AMChannel 445 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaNick Cox, Chief Operating Officer of YMCA Australia, goes undercover in some of his own organisation's 500 centres to work in a variety of roles and get to know the different employees. [S]Sat, May 11, 3:30 AMChannel 450 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaJeanpaul Dimech, CEO of Sodexo Australia, goes undercover working with some of the company's 6000 employees as they provide catering, maintenance and facilities management services. [S]Fri, May 10, 2:45 AMChannel 450 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaTony Chamberlain, Managing Director of Staging Connections, a live events company with 1000 employees across Australia, goes undercover in his own firm working in a variety of roles. [S]Wed, May 8, 1:00 AMChannel 455 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaIain Mars, chief executive of JBS Australia, goes undercover working in some of the company's 11 meat processing plants and gets to know a variety of employees at grass-roots level. [S]Fri, May 3, 1:50 AMChannel 450 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaPippa Hallas, CEO of Ella Bache, goes undercover to discover more about the people who work for her, including 18-year-old Sharina, who has been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. [S]Wed, May 1, 2:20 AMChannel 450 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaTwo bosses from Hog's Breath Cafe go undercover. Brett Dyland and Rodney Winkleman are sent to work across a number of their restaurants and meet up with some hard-working staff. [S]Fri, Apr 26, 1:50 AMChannel 450 mins
Undercover Boss AustraliaTony Braxton-Smith, CEO for Great Southern Rail, goes undercover at the company to meet some of the inspirational people that work for him. [S]Fri, Apr 19, 2:00 AMChannel 450 mins